The digital world is constantly changing and evolving at a rapid pace. To stay at the top, it is important to get yourself updated with the latest trends and practices. Digitization has taken over processes and the introduction of new products and trends has caused massive competition in the market. Technological advancement has exposed people to security threats, mostly related to cybersecurity. Cyberattacks make people lose valuable data, money and sometimes their online identities as well.

Cyber-attacks have increased by a considerable amount in the past few years. Thousands of computers can be affected by a malware attack at the same time! Therefore, to keep your customer data secure you must incorporate the latest machine learning and cybersecurity technologies into your system. The different types of cybersecurity threat are:

  • Financial Crimes: Fraudulent activities including money such as credit card frauds, money laundering, etc.
  • Cyber Pornography: Several pornographic websites are a threat to users on the web. Certain cyber-attacks are made by gaining access to the webcam of the user and by getting hold of their private videos/pictures.
  • Illegal Sales: The internet is used to illegally carry out sales in the black market. The illegal sales include items such as weapons, drugs, and even hum trafficking.
  • Property Crimes: Cybercrimes related to the property include software piracy, violating trademarks, infringing copyrights, etc.
  • Cyber defamation/Cyber Stalking: The terms refer to using electronic means to defame or harass someone. Harassment can be done through instant messages, emailing or through different social media platforms.
  • Virus Attacks/Malware Attacks: A malware attack is one of the most common types of cyber-attacks. These attacks are caused by unauthorized personnel who penetrate the system and harm it. There are several types of malware attacks, each of them has distinct features. The most common types of malware attacks are ransomware and spyware, etc.

Cyber Security and Machine Learning 

There may be several ways through which one can experience a cyber-attack but at the same time technology has given us tools through which we can combat cyber-crime in the right way. Machine learning might just be the answer to solving all the cybersecurity problems now and in the future. The technology is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is focused on using complex algorithms to allow machines to undertake large amounts of data.

Let’s try to understand it this way, machine learning is enabling computers to deal with the natural flow of language and facial recognition. The computational speed and accuracy allows companies to effectively deal with crime. This could be highly effective in dealing with security of banks and eventually prevent money laundering.

The role of cybersecurity just doesn’t end there. There are several benefits related to using this technology. A few of them are mentioned below.

  • Classification of data through parameters that have already been determined can be done through AI and machine learning.
  • If the data does not fit into the parameters which were defined earlier, then the data be categorized based on the patterns.
  • A software that is using machine learning technology will also be able to work with different frameworks that can generate outcomes based on the system fed data. Through this feature, accurate predictions can be made.

Role of Machine Learning in Cyber Security

  • Detecting Anomalies

Machine Learning is widely known to detect anomalies. The algorithms are known to analyze millions of events and detect the ones which have unusual patterns. However, certain events may be unusual but harmless in nature. The algorithm is usually smart enough to register the harmless ones and in the future not notify the user of their detection in the future.

  • Fight Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware that averts the users from retrieving their files. The software asks for a “ransom” payment in return to granting access. The author of the ransomware may ask for money through your credit card or other means of online payment. Machine learning helps to detect threats in the system at a very early stage and blocks the malware consequently.

  • Detecting Phishing Attacks

Phishing has been a common method of cyberattacks. However, in the past few years, phishing attacks have become more and more dangerous. The level of danger will probably increase in the coming year. Phishing attacks are mostly hidden inside emails. With a machine learning capability installed in your system, it is possible to track the phishing source and combat it. The best part about AI and machine learning is that they can identify attacks from all over the world.

  • Managing Passwords and User-Authentication 

Hackers are mostly focused on decoding passwords. A password is sometimes the only thing in between you and the hacker. The simplest way to protect yourself from a hacker would be to have a very strong password combination. Other than that, make sure that you regularly update your password to prevent a hacker from gaining access to your system.

Easy passwords make it extremely simple for the hacker to get access to sensitive information in your account. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have upgraded the facial recognition feature but it is still far from perfect. The facial recognition feature uses neural networks that are made up of Bi-directional amplifiers. An effective way to protect yourself from hackers would be to implement all of the strategies above to protect and safeguard your password.

  • Forecasting Threats

AI and Machine learning are capable of using historical data to make assumptions. They can be used as an effective tool to make predictions for the future. Predictions can allow quick analysis of data and recommend the necessary actions required to bring the system back on track. In conclusion, this technology can effectively be used to predict threats and take the necessary action required.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence coupled with machine learning is bound to have a lasting effect on the people in the future. Therefore, it would be prudent on your behalf to incorporate this technology into your system to be safe from outside threats and have edge over your competitors.

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