Electrical outlets that are most commonly known as receptacles are the workhorses of your home’s electrical system. The outlet receptacles are ubiquitous as they are present in different places such as your homeware lamps, electronic equipment, small appliances, space heaters, and many other devices tap into the home’s electrical circuits to fulfill their duties. Be a homeowner, or a tenant it is noted that you will be required to hire an electrician in Jupiter at least once. Electrical emergencies can occur any time, some of them can be done on our own whereas the major ones involve the replacement of an existing receptacle, which can be a bit more difficult if it involves running a new circuit from the main service panel or with an existing circuit.

Over a course of time, an outlet receptacle can see cord plugs inserted and withdrawn hundreds of times or become damaged.
There are certain problems associated with receptacles, which you must know before you proceed to replace it with a new one!

Worn-Out Slots

It is true to note that receptacles do not have a moving part, but they do contain metal contact points inside the device which is designed in a manner to firmly grip the hot, neutral and cord plugs. You might hear some disturbing noises such as audible crackling in the receptacle due to sparking, and appliance plugs will feel loose within the receptacle slots. With the wide availability of electrical services in Palm Beach Gardens, you can easily turn up to any qualified or professional electrician who may get it fixed right in one go.

Loose Wire Connections

This is the most common electrical fault when it comes to receptacles, this occurs due to prolonged use where circuit wire connections begin to loosen. With every use, every time the current is drawn through a wire connection when there is a little amount of heat generated, and this repeated expansion and contraction of the wires have a tendency to cause the screws to loosen.
You may hear the receptacle begin to crackle, and once the wire connections come loose entirely, a short circuit may cause the circuit breaker to trip.

Cracked Body

It is important to note that a damaged outlet is a dangerous one. Various electricians in Jupiter tend to use modern receptacles with a touch vinyl in the bodies that rarely break or crack, whereas the older forms of receptacles used were brittle and more prone to crack. At times these cracks are visible on the front face whereas at other times it is also possible that the side or back of the receptacle can crack.

Improper Rating

This is a surprising fact that most homeowners do not realize that outlet receptacles are rated particularly for a certain amperage. They are rated either with 15-amps or 20-amp which can easily be identified by a small horizontal “T”.
It is a common error to use receptacles with a wrong rating, although there is no danger in using a 15-amp receptacle that is attached to a 20-amp circuit. There is the possibility of plugging in a 20-amp appliance to a circuit that can provide only 15-amps of power. With this result, if you are lucky, there will be a blown circuit breaker, but damage to the wires and possible fire is also possible.

Poor Quality

Whether it is to choose a qualitative receptacle or choose electrical services in Palm Beach Gardens, it is important to check for its quality and warranty. A cheap, bargained or negotiated receptacle may work too, but it might be right for a certain time period and will eventually be more susceptible to problems. The devices which are mass-produced can be suspected unless they carry an approval listing from a recognized testing agency, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

No Ground Connection

Various receptacles lack the ground connection which occurs either due to improper connection of the receptacles or because the system itself is not grounded. The lack of grounding can easily be detected by using a plug-in circuit tester. These situations mostly occur during the very old wiring systems that do not have grounding protection. If your outlets use two-slot receptacles with no round grounding slot, then it’s a signal that the system itself may not be grounded.

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