Business is an amalgamation of various factors, so in most cases it gets impossible for the entrepreneur to keep a track of all aspects. One of the most important aspects that generally get missed is social media marketing which can be very advantageous if used to its fullest extent. Management of social media platform can be very time consuming so the businesses need to pay extra attention on their social media activities.

This leaves most of the entrepreneurs wondering whether they should hire an employee to manage their social media presence or hire a professional social media marketing agency for the job.

So, to be honest there is no definite answer to this, both have their own merits and demerits. The employee would know the business better and the same way a professional social media company would know better tricks and ways to use social media platform to hike business growth.

In case you are pondering and trying to take a decision, you should keep these questions in mind:-

  1. Overall expenditure: – Is hiring an employee more pocket friendly than a social media agency?
  2. Best Outcomes: – Which one of the two is more capable of producing the most sought after results?
  3. Experience of the Industry: – Who has more experience in working in your industrial arena?
  4. Time Utilization: – Can your employees spend their time doing something more efficient than this?
  5. Consistency: – Which one of the two will be more consistent with social media activity?
  6. Efficiency: – Will your employee be more efficient than a professional social media company specially meant to do the job?

The answers to these questions are not certain and may vary according to the business and the industry associated with it. But whatever maybe the situation, the following circumstances hold true in most cases.

Employees will be better versed with the business than agency.

The prime advantage of hiring a Social Media Marketing Manager as an employee is that an employee is generally more aware of the proceedings of the business and will be able to add a personal touch and insights of the core thought process behind a business on-site.

This is one of the greatest limitations of hiring an agency but not something which cannot be solved.

An employee charges 3 times more than an agency.

According to Glassdoor, an all time social media personnel charge an average salary of $51,613. A professional social media agency would charge somewhere around $15,000 to $18,000 per annum. An employee with a salary which incurs an expenditure of over 3 times on the business is not the best option to rely on. Moreover extra costs associated with social media training, realizing applications of software, necessary equipment, employee turnover and business payroll taxes, cannot be neglected.

Interns and part-time professionals also serve as an option but investing lots of extra effort, guidance, time, training comes along with it. Employee turnover is also frequently experienced with part time employees and that very fact serves as the origin of the next.

Problems arise regarding employee turnover and training.

Since social media platforms are continually undergoing metamorphosis, the social media managers need proper training and up to-date skill set once in a while. But what happens when the employee decides to quit the job?

The entire effort, time and money spend on training the previous employee goes in vain. New employee has to be hired and the same training, effort and hard work has to be started from the first speck of dust. A social media agency comes handy in such cases. There is no headache regarding employee turnover and even better techniques and training interface is used by them.

Increased workload on employees

Many employees entrusted with the social media marketing have a handful of responsibilities to be fulfilled. This increases workload on them making them more inconsistent in their work. In cases like these one can fall back on social media agencies as they achieve their targets efficiently and provide greater opportunities to upscale the brand value of the business.

Social media agency has result-focused approach

Social media agencies are more focused in seeking better results than employees. The reason behind that being the fact that the success and reputation of their company depends on the results they provide. The goal of the business is to flourish utilizing social media marketing and the goal of the agency is to provide lucrative social media marketing solutions. Both the goals are aligned.

Varied experience of the agency in social media

One of the major benefits of hiring a social media agency is the opportunity of utilizing the depth of their knowledge and extent of the experience they withhold. Agencies that master a particular niche harbor all the information, important technologies and latest strategies needed to make their agencies reach the elm. They contain a group of social media specialists who work, think and meet targets together. The extent of assistance and expertise such agencies provide can never be offered by a social media manager.

Greater availability of sources and tools for social media agencies

Social media agencies not only provide the best and the professional skill set but also have an access to advanced technical know-how, tools, resources that can be used for social media marketing efficiently. They have well fabricated software, varied applications, and in-depth analytics to make business grow and provide information regarding social media brand value.

Considering these very points, what do you think? An employee or a social media marketing agency?

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