Technology has significantly impacted human’s life, and now we cannot live without technology. The smartphones that we all have, we can’t live without it. The main reason why we can’t live without our phones or laptops is because communication will become much harder and our work cannot be carried out easily. The decrease in the efficiency in communication is affecting the productivity levels of people working. Imagine that there are no machines available in a company or a factory, productivity will be much slower and only a small amount of products can be produced. Technology is very much needed for a much simpler and efficient world as it increases the productivity of the world, helping them in meeting the wants and needs of people. Here are some brilliant inventions (Life Hacks Invention) that have actually changed the world.

1. Water pipes that can actually monitor its own leak

Even though this invention is still in development, “Smart Pipe” technology is using nanosensors that could easily monitor leaks especially in the public water systems. This can really help to save our water and make sure that our water is used efficiently. The problem that our world is facing is that we lose about $12.5 million to $92 million worth of clean water every single year in America caused by leaking water pipes, this is based on a study done by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2005. If this invention can be globally accessed, this would be amazing as it could help communities in detecting leaks whenever they occur meaning they could fix it immediately and minimize water loss. 

2. A device that can scan food’s nutritional content

This device is called a SCiO molecular sensor that is just the same size as a cigarette lighter which is very handy and could easily fit in your palm. This device can easily sense through the calories and chemical composition of your meals or foods, medicines, plants and etc, so when a person scans any food or drink, they are able to identify and know precisely what’s in it. Imagine how effective it is if you could find out the calories of your favourite pizza easily and the amount of fat your pizza contained just by scanning it. Although a lot of processed foods are labelled with nutritional information, we usually have no clue about what’s inside the food we eat in a restaurant.

3. A smart helmet named ‘’Skully’’

Skully is one of the greatest advances that is discovered and created by the Google Glass technologies. Skully is one of the smartest motorcycle helmets in the world. Skully is a smart helmet that simply focuses on minimizing road accidents and distractions by giving the rider a blind spot camera view that is connected to the GPS and also connected to the smart awareness system. It uses a heads-up display and a rear facing camera that can be controlled by using voice commands. In addition, Skully also uses Android Operating System along with the bluetooth facility and live streaming of music provided by your smartphones. This is a brilliant innovation that could actually save lives and minimize road accidents. 

4. Google Glass

Google Glass is an ubiquitous and wearable device that is invented by Google Inc. This wearable technology allows you to view information without having the need of holding it with both of your hands (hands-free). This technology is known as Augmented Reality. Google Glass is very similar to the eyeglasses that people normally use, besides it has a heads-up display as it uses a technology known as optical head mounted display (OHMD). This device allows the users to communicate via voice commands, while Google Glass is doing certain tasks, such as showing the latest emails, your to-do list or plan for the day or the coffeeshops that are close to your location. The future generation of Google Glass will for sure have better specifications and configurations as they keep on advancing their technology.

5. Cicret Bracelet

Cicret Bracelet is another wearable technology that is known for its uniqueness as it combines four different technologies that can project at a low angle on your skin by using a Pico projector. This device allows you to interact over your skin to carry out operations. Moreover, Cicret Bracelet enables you to play games, make phone calls and to carry out all of the smartphone operations on your skin without having to take your smartphone out. 

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