If you want to enjoy vibrant nightlife, gleamy beaches and historical landmarks, then plan your vacations to Spain. It is the beautiful mix of sun, sand and sea. Although Spain experiences pleasant weather year around, but still it depends where you go as different regions experience a different kind of weather. Therefore, it is really important to focus on packing list when travelling to Spain.

You must be thinking as to what to pack for Spain? What should you take along to Spain? Let’s dig into this guide which detailed out the essentials to pack for your Spain holidays.

  1. Multipurpose Travel Bag-

First and foremost thing to consider for travelling is an awesome multipurpose travel bag which can carry everything from your money wallet, clothes, toiletries, fashion accessories, medicines and passport. The bag should be spacious with lots of pockets to withhold the things and durable enough to make your travel comfortable. A cross body bag can also serve the purpose.

  1. Power Adaptors and Portable Chargers-

It is always recommended to carry international power adapters and portable chargers along with you as Spain has 220V, 50HZ electrical outlets. These will be handy with you all the time, making it easy for you to charge your devices either you are staying in a villa to rent in Spain or in a hostel. You do not need to look for the charging points or need to wait at the public place to charge your devices. As undoubtedly, you will be using smart phone more often for capturing beautiful memories of the Spain and map for easy navigation.

  1. Toiletry Bag-

Another important thing to carry is your toiletry essentials. Hanging toiletry bag is a must to have for your vacations. It is really very helpful to have all your items clean and organized at one place. You can hang the bag for easy accessibility. Do not forget to keep all necessary items for your vacations ranging from tooth brush, tooth paste, sun screen lotion, towel, wet wipes, deodorant wipes, lip balm, floss, body wash, shampoo, etc. If you are staying in a luxury villa in Marbella, you need not to worry about the toiletries. But, to be on a safer side, you can carry a toiletries bag along with you.

  1. First Aid Kit-

You should include a travel first aid kit in your packing list. It should have all general required medicines such as pain relievers, antibiotics for upset stomach, band aids, bandages and a disinfecting ointment. Keeping the kit along with you while travelling will escape you from searching and rushing to the pharmacy for medications. If you are travelling with kids, then your travel kit will be huge, including diapers, baby milk formula, and several tonics for kids etc.

  1. Clothing-

What to wear in Spain? You will find that Spain experiences warm and pleasant weather all the year around. Consider your travel time for travelling to Spain to get a better idea for clothes. If you are travelling in summer season, pack light layers and carry sun glasses, beachwear, sunhat and flips flops with you. You can carry a scarf or stole too to cover up your arms and shoulders, as it will be very hot there. If you are travelling in winter season, pack mid weight jacket, sweatshirt, gloves and coat. Few items such as causal t shirts, jeans, long dresses for women and shorts are great choices for every type of season. Avoid packing too much clothes and shoes, try to stick to essentials only.

  1. Packing Cubes-

Packing for a vacation is a daunting task. From dresses to jackets, fashion accessories to electronics, everything needs space. While travelling to abroad, you keep on packing each and everything that you might night on your vacations which in turn increase the weight of the luggage. Packing cubes are perfect for packing because they compact items into cubes, saving space thereby. It will keep your articles in an organized way too.

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