Taking stunning outdoor photos is the dream of every photographer. Photography is an art and you can get expertise by clicking more and more images.

 Being a portrait photographer, you need to do some homework before starting your work. This article will discuss the outdoor portrait photography tips that will help you capture the stunning photos.

Capturing the outdoor photos is always a challenging task. You need to keep certain things in mind before starting your work.

 Weather, light, background, time of the day, etc are some of the factors that affect the quality of outdoor photographs.

Here are some of the tips you need to capture the stunning portraits.

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Capturing the object in direct light causes some issues. Your photo will look blurry and blackish. The best time for shooting the outdoor photographs is time before sunlight.

Yes, the evening time, when the sun is going down. You have a chance of capturing the stunning photos at this time of the day.

If you are going to shoot in day time you need to use shaded and covered areas. Also, try to avoid the addition of object shadow in the picture. The object shadow is not a good practice when talking about outdoor photography.

2. Use A Flash for Better Quality

Flash helps in capturing clear and noise-free images. Some photographers never recommend the use of flash while capturing the images. But you need to adapt your own style.

Photography is not just limited to capturing the photos, it is creativity. You need to use your own skills to add the extra layer of uniqueness to images.

You have to use use the flash during the night time if you don’t have proper lighting equipment. At the same time, when you use flash in the day time, your photos will be noise-free. Check out related posts on our blog Things To Consider When Starting Your Own Wedding Photography Business.

3. Keep Focus on Eyes

When capturing the object, you need to keep the eyes of the object in focus. Eyes can add glory to the portrait images. When you focus the eyes, it means the whole face of the object is in focus.

4. Use Shallow Depth of Field

While capturing the outdoor portraits, you need to use a wide aperture lens. The wide aperture lens expands the details of the picture and helps in getting a shallow depth of field.

You can make one time investment in a wide aperture fast lens and get the benefit for your whole photography career.

5. Use the Perfect Lens

Camera lenses with long focal lengths are the best options for capturing the amazing outdoor portrait photos. The longer is the focal length, more will be the sharpness of your object. Check out the detailed guide about the best canon lens for portraits and wedding photography to choose the best lens according to your requirements.  

Most of the photographers use lenses with a focal length of 120mm to 200mm. The telephoto lenses also work great for capturing the outdoor photos due to a shallow depth of field.


Taking stunning photos is the dream of every photographer, but this dream is not easy to achieve. It doesn’t mean that it is a very difficult job to capture the outdoor portrait photos, you can achieve your goals by learning new skills and shooting more and more images.

Every time you capture an object, you need to check the complete details of the image. Check out what are the issues with the image and try to improve in your next shoot.

If you are looking for the best camera lens review, check out lensmatrics.com. I hope these outdoor portrait photography tips will help you out in capturing the stunning photos. Share this article with the community around you if you find it helpful.

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