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The hair colors available in the market are mostly triggered by several types of chemicals. Those are very harmful to the hair. The effect that you get is the hair fall, rough hair and getting much more grey hair after applying the same for once. But the Organic Hair Colour available at Indus Valley is absolutely safe. You can apply it any time and every time. There is no side effect at all as it is made up of herbal extract right from nature. Let us discuss some of the top quality hair colors. Also, it will, suite each one of you.

Top-quality hair color for all:

Indus Valley bio organic 100% soft black henna hair color

As the name says, it is the natural hair color that you can also call as henna. It is 100% organic in nature. Also, people with the issue of having hypo allergen in their skin can also use it as it does not cause such irritation. You will get soft black hair with the black henna powder. This is also triple refined henna which has no pesticides at all. Your hair will become black instantly after applying this henna.

Indus Valley botanical hair color soft black

Indus Valley comes with the hair products that are loaded with several benefits. Along with the coverage of natural hair color over the white hair that you have grown, the black henna powder is suited for all skin colors. Along with its been a long-lasting hair color which has the combination of indigo, a combination of henna as well as colorless henna.

Indus Valley gel hair color- brown

Most people love to have a brown tinge on the hair instead of getting dark black tones. You will get the beautiful brown color hair to flaunt all over. The hair color from the Indus Valley also helps the prevention of several hair problems. The dark brown hair color really looks beautiful on every skin tone. Even the doctors have recommended this hair color for all.

Burgundy 3.6 gel hair color

The color burgundy is one of the hot favorites of many individuals. Irrespective of skin color and gender this particular hair color is effective. Organic Hair Colour will leave your hair healthy and strong. The 3.6 gel hair color is very attractive if you go out in the sun. There is a perfect shine on your hair with an attractive looking burgundy hair color. But, it is also not very loud as when you remain indoors, most of the time the color will look as dark as black.

The Henna hair color or the gel hair color available at the Indus Valley online shopping store is very commendable. The quality of each hair color is equally beautiful. The colors like medium brown or light brown are equally demanding as they are also organic in nature and have no side effects at all. You must visit the official website of Indus Valley today.

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