Search engine optimization is the most affordable and sustainable marketing method for small businesses. However, not all businesses are as good with their SEO as they should be. The reason sometimes is not implementing the technical or on-page SEO elements that are very crucial. Remember, usability and user’s positive response is above all in SEO of the post Rank Brain era. Here are some of the most crucial on-page SEO elements without which all your search engine optimization efforts count to nothing and you may end up losing all success after a short period of time.

Choosing & targeting keywords in the right place:

Keywords are search terms that people type in search engines to find particular information or service. However, SEO’s can not just take keywords so easy. As these are more of searcher intent. Keywords alone are the best way to know for an optimizer to know whether the search will bring some ROI or it is just another informational seeking search.

Another most important thing to remember with keywords is targeting them on-page. After choosing the right keywords, don’t simply overdo keyword stuffing, rather put these strategically and at most prominent spaces on your webpage.

Content is the king:

There’s no doubt about this sentence, content is truly king in the digital marketing landscape. You don’t need to write content for search engines rather write it for real users who are potential buyers of the service/product. Also, crawlers have become smart and can easily judge if you are writing content just to rank higher in the SERP’s without adding any real value for the reader.

With updates like Rank Brain & BERT, SEO now more focuses on delivering results that are not only syntactically relevant but also contextually relevant as well. So, always write content that best describes the topic you intend to cover.

Building a SILO structure:

Many SEO’s miss this very important factor in search engine optimization. Although, it is part of every optimization plan that is being made. However, implementation is the part where most SEOs lack to implement it properly. Interlinking optimization is very crucial to dilute the link juice evenly among all pages of the website. Also, internal linking would help increase the dwell time, decrease the bounce rate and funneling website visitors into the right landing pages. Is your website fully SILO optimized, Do you have a SILO implementation plan build?

Visual, Visual & more visual:

Visual content always entices readers more than anything. If you are writing 2000 words straight away, that is too boring. The reader will lose interest only after reading the first 100 words. However, if added proper visual/graphic content to it, engagement will shoot up and readers would likely reach the end of the topic. Images, Infographics & videos are the most popular content that you can include in web pages to make them more attractive, enticing and engaging.

Technical SEO implementation:

You have built a great website, targeted right keywords, generated the best content and are successfully ranking. A perfect recipe it sounds, right? But you are missing a chef secret here, Technical SEO link building service. Technical search engine optimization deals with all kinds of speed, SILO, crawling, indexing, the responsiveness of the website.

Without any of these, all your SEO efforts will count to nothing. For example, you are ranking #2 for a query and your site loads in 7 seconds, but #3 website loads in just 3, more visitors will prefer site #3. And Rank Brain ultimately will shoot its rankings up.

If you are not qualified enough to implement all these crucial SEO factors, its always better to leave it to a professional SEO company.

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