Let’s observe the factors that will allow you to live a completely new driving experience suited to your style of business person. Many things have been said about monthly rentals, many of them wrong. But it is so in most areas, no wonder.

Let’s start by putting a point: monthly rental is NOT a purchase formula.

The monthly rental is a service you pay a ‘ single monthly payment that allows you to drive the car you want with all services included (insurance, road tax and maintenance), and 100% of the risk coverage that you would with purchase and lease.

The customer then chooses his own car, exactly as he wants it and with all the options he wants, and once he has decided, the rental company will buy the car and lease it to the customer.

The rental company, unlike the traditional Leasing, will take care of all the management of the car with regards to insurance, stamps, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and all the rest.

How is the car delivered?

As it happens when the customer buys the car in the dealership and waits for the time that is delivered to him, so also for the monthly car rental, just because the car he will drive is a new car that has been requested according to the customer’s needs.

As for the cars ready for delivery, the wait is around 30-40 days from the stipulation of the contract.

As for the purchase, even in the rental you can choose special car promotions in stock at more advantageous prices.

Once the home delivery or at a conventioned center has taken place, the customer will not have to worry about anything other than putting fuel in the car and regularly appearing at the fixed appointments for the coupons and for the other interventions.

In this way the customer will have the PLEASURE to drive the car he wants, paying a fixed installment including all the services included taking away a good deal of thoughts.

In fact, when you buy a car or do a leasing, you never think about the related expenses that make up a figure, when they would instead be considered in monthly terms to have a more real picture.

An insurance that costs 1,500 dollars a year, actually should be thought of as a cost of 125 euros a month.

And how much would these expenses cost me if I had to reason them in monthly terms? It becomes difficult and demanding to quantify and plan in a certain way, and when they arise they are always unwanted, no matter how great the resources available to them are.

Doesn’t it bother you that you have no control over your car’s expenses and are a victim of your whims and any unexpected events? Maybe you’re going to spend your money on something you like and after an unexpected event your car says to you: “No, first you have to give me that money!”.

With monthly rental, YOU will be the one to have the command and you will know exactly how much you get out of your pockets to plan other things in your life and business. Furthermore, whether you go 5,000 km or 50,000 km a year, the cost is always the same when you buy a car.

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