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A dedicated mobile application is a force multiplier for businesses’ success. Businesses are investing more to own dedicated applications for its obvious benefits instead of funding in developing a mobile-optimized website. However, making a huge investment in Mobile app development company won’t ensure your success.

H1: Mobile apps’ impact on business is huge and goes both ways!

The mobile application market is quite diverse and fragmented. Especially if we look at the vast amount of features this domain offers. There are so many that one can get lost easily. But, if you can pick the most useful features out of the list that matches your business niche, you can ensure exceptional return as well. Want to know how to choose the best features that drive success? Here’s a top 5 list:

H2: The most impactful features integrated by a Mobile app development company:

Social Integration: Social media integration has become the most necessary feature for mobile applications. Social media users generally share everything they think is interesting and care about. Use the most used social media integration for the easier Signup process. Allow them to comment, review and give likes or share with your content. Your main focus here is to keep the user engagement rate high. If you can do that, the rest will follow through automatically.

Payment integration: If you are selling online, an easy to use mobile gateway must be one of your top “feature cart lists”. Convenience is what your customer craves for. And as a business owner, you have to listen to your prospects’ needs. Integration of services like Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe will simplify the transaction process even more. The reason is, most of the Indian internet users are already using those methods very comfortably daily.

Customization: Don’t give the user a static application. Give them the freedom to choose their own layout. Let them personalize them according to their needs. Maybe add some changeable colour scheme, font style, etc. Consult with the mobile app development service provider about how you can make the app more intuitive before publishing it for the masses.

Add search button: A search bar always works. Nobody likes to crawl through hundreds of products and services. Not even you and me. So why would your customers would? Add a search bar to your application. This will help the users to get the things they want instantly. If you install any top tier mobile app, you will find they have dedicated search functionality. This helps keep the app content easily accessible in a convenient way.

Feedback system: Feedback features boost your business credibility. Let the users report bugs and ask them what improvements and fixes they need. Gather the data and consult with the mobile app development company to bring those needful changes ASAP. This not only improves the application, but it will help to build a strong customer relationship as well. Your prospects will appreciate that you care for their experience and you will get the return for that, very fast.


The impact of the mobile application on a business is not negligible. Thus, picking up the best features of your mobile app requires a lot of planning and patience. The best way to do this is by defining your objective, customer base and goals. But, integrating the above-discussed features will definitely cover a lot of ground for you. If you are not well aware of the technical happenings in the mobile application domain, don’t worry. A professional Mobile app development company like Unicode Solutions will always be happy to walk you through every nook and detail.


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