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A lot of people have a misconception that videos are limited to social media only and are guaranteed to increase the followings on social media. But what if I say making videos can help your website traffic as well. 40% of the people find it easy to understand your message through a video rather than a detailed blog. A video won’t only increase the engagement ratio on your website but also helps in increasing the revenue stream for your business.

So, if you aren’t leveraging videos for your website, here are the three best benefits you can miss:

  1. Videos Boost Traffic

According to Hubspot, websites who make use of the video witness 41% more traffic according to Hubspot. Plus, Google snippet also give preference to those websites who give solutions through videos. For example, if you write a content marketing guide and your competitor publish a video guide about it. The preference will be given to the one with the video content. It will have more chances to appear in the rich snippet.

Now, you don’t need to add only videos on your website, you should also work to optimize it for search engines. Like adding titles, tags and description to your video will make it relevant to the search engine crawlers. Also, embedding your videos to your YouTube channel with the right content and description will also help to increase your following.

  1. Videos convert Users

If you run a mobile app development business in UAE, you must be enthusiastic to grow the number of downloads on your app. But writing and introducing your customers through text won’t be working effectively to promote your app. For example, creating teasers about your app or guiding how your app helps users will engage more attention than explaining it through words.

Unbounce shows a 100% increase in conversion via video while Eyeview’s case study reported having 80% more conversion through videos. So, after having these compelling statistics about video content for the website, why are we still sticking to the text?

  1. Generate Leads

In between a sea of information, customers get confused about which one to believe or not? In addition, they don’t have enough time, so they are always looking for easy read and easy to understand tips and tricks. And that can only happen through videos. Google reported having more actions after a user is convinced via video. This works superbly for eCommerce business, commercial business or the businesses who sell their services online.

Some Tips to Create Videos

  1. Educate People

If you’re an experienced professional, a digital marketer, website developer or an advertiser, you can start selling your knowledge on Youtube. Yes, YouTube is filled with engaging videos of professionals who teach courses. You can also start your and link it to your website in a separate section. Educating people about your business will garner more reach as compared to the blogs about your business. It will also help to build the community and once you’re successful in building your community, people will stay loyal to you in the long run.

  1. DIY Videos

If you run a web design company dubai agency, you can make videos like the best plugins for your website, how to optimize your WordPress website or show WordPress learning management themes. Pick up any of the fields in which you’re a master and start communicating to people about it. Gradually, you’ll start turning visitors for your website.


  1. Optimize Videos

Regardless of the topic and the platform you created for, you should optimize it to the search engines. Without SEO, your videos won’t gain traction the search engine ranking and also your target audience. Research the keywords, add it in the title tag and description and optimize according to the SEO attributes.

To Wrap It Up   

Don’t take videos to generate engagement on social media but also consider it for your website if you want to bring it up on the digital medium. Take your time in creating unique videos and make it highly relevant to your audience. At first, don’t focus on the clicks but the value you choose to bring it. Once you instil your brand in audience mind, you will start reaping the results.

Do you use videos on your website already?

If yes, please share your experience in the comments section below.

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