Have you ever pondered over correct recitation and pronunciation of Quran? The recitation of Quran has been made obligatory for all Muslims by Allah. Allah has revealed Holy Quran on Muhammad S.A.W to show right path to all human beings.Even the first revelation of Surah Al Alq has reflected light on importance of getting knowledge. Quran will come as intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Judgment. It a source of guidance for humans to get instructions related to any issue in life.All matters of life like divorce, inheritance, disputes, crimes or marriages have been discussed in detail in Quran. There is no restriction of age to learn Quran; it is just a matter of Allah’s will. There is a big reward for learning Quran by heart. Likewise, the prophet of Allah P.B.U.H has narrated himself that: ‘’the best ones among Muslims are those you learn and teach Quran to others.’’The Holy book of Quran is revealed in Arabic which has to be understood by Muslims.

Currently, I am living in United States which is a non Muslim state. Hence, it has become my responsibility to provide complete guidance about religion as educational institutes only confer worldly education. I have three children; one daughter and two sons. We are living in a state which is 2 hours away from mosque. So, it is non-practical for me to take my children there daily. Then one of my friends suggested me to go for online Quran classes. It was difficult for me find a good teacher but online Quran reading platform has solved this problem. Now I am able to consult with a qualified instructor in vicinity of my home via internet.The world has changed its dimensions for getting knowledge. Everyone is busy to find a specific time to go for mosque for learning Quran. That’s why people prefer to learn Quran by their homes. That’s why you should start learning Quran with Tajweed from any reliable online Quran academy.

There is no restriction of time; the tutors are available 24x7x365. For this reason I selected a flexible time table to schedule classes for my children. I selected time of 8:30 pm after mutual consultation with instructor. I must appreciate easy payment method that helped me to pay fee in installments. The ages of my children were 4, 6 and 8 when I decided to go for online learning. There were female and male instructors but I selected male tutors because they are stricter to deal with children.There were specifically designed courses and classes for children of all ages. The tutors started teaching them from basic Noorani Qaida that was easy for children to learn. There are certain rules and regulations for learning Quran and I am glad that online tutors are well aware of them. The teachers actually focused on Tajweed and ortheopy of words. That online Quran reading platform has saved my time and money.

The tutors are experienced enough to make learning of Quran very simple and easier. The tutors of online Quran academyrightly know how to manage children and engage them. I must say that teachers are experienced enough to teach children in effective way. They have to be strict when required and on the same time I have found them very accommodating. Their excellent and gentle communication medium helped my children to perceive lectures with complete understanding. The main thing is that they infused quench of learning Islamic education in my children. my children have started reading Islamic knowledge books from some time.

The online Quran learning for kids has eliminated the logistic problem of working parents to acquire basic knowledge of Islamic teachings from early stage. I can easily monitor my children without interrupting instructor or student. Moreover, it is completely safe and secure mode of communication and learning. My children have become fluent in recitation of Quran without making any mistake.

The online Quran learning for kids offered me major benefits to know about what kind of content is being taught to my children. I can easy consult with their instructors about progress. The teachers also helped students to memorize Surah, Hadith and Islamic Dua in short duration of time. One day, one of sons told me about incident of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S and I was surprised after listening that. Surely, his online tutors have done this fabulous job. Not only this, but the experienced teachers provide basic Islamic knowledge to my children. My children not only get knowledge about language of Quran but also able to interpretvaluable information from it. I am highly satisfied with online Quran learning facilities that are benefitting thousands of Muslims all over the world. To put in a nut shell, this platform helped me to find qualified teachers in affordable rates.

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