It has been reported that most cars run flawlessly for at least ten to fifteen years, after which they start to show problems, and their performance deteriorates drastically. Times like these are when you need to take a stand, sell your old, and then opt for a new one.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has just sold his old car or planning to sell it with the help of car wreckers in Wellington services, then you’re at the right place because you’ll need suggestions for your new car. Nowadays, the market is heavily centered around electric and hybrid vehicles, which is the reason why it’s important to know more hybrid vehicles. Since the different types of hybrid can be confusing, we’ll be trying to break it down for you in this article guide.

What Do You Mean By A Hybrid Car?

The term ‘hybrid’ can be defined by a mixture of two different things. In this case, hybrid vehicles use energy from two different sources, thereby providing the maximum amount of efficiency. The hybrid cars combine the power of a combustion engine along with electrical energy to run the car.

What Are The Different Types Of A Hybrid Car?

Currently, there are multiple types of a hybrid car, and they are explained below:

Full Hybrid Cars

These are the most common types of hybrid cars as they combine the power of electricity and regular combustion engine to give the best performance and efficiency. The electric motor is fitted inside the car and holds a small amount of charge for offering the extra power.

Even though full-hybrids can run in full-electric mode, it can only do so at slow speeds with not enough power to generate. This is due to the batteries being small and limited in their capacities to hold an electric charge. But, the good part is that the batteries can be charged easily either by direct charging or through the combustion engine.

Mild Hybrid Cars

Just like full-hybrids, these cars also use an electric motor alongside a combustion engine. The only difference is that these cars cannot use either system independently of each other as both systems need to be used at the same time.

These cars cannot run in full-electric mode but still have the ability to deliver better fuel efficiency than regular cars running solely on combustion engines.

Plug-In Hybrid Cars

These cars are mostly referred to as PHEVs. These types of hybrid cars can be plugged into an electrical socket to charge the batteries, which are generally larger than the previous two types. Furthermore, these vehicles also have a longer range when solely using the electric engine for transportation.

If you can keep your PHEVs plugged into an electrical socket overnight, it’ll have enough juice to give at least 50 KMs average driving range.

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