Inflatable pontoons are a fun way to travel and have fun at the same time. There is little need to haul a large flatboard across the ground. Inflatable pontoons are easy to carry and the kids love to go on them as it is a low-risk activity. Paddles are great for waterfalls and other exciting places. Here are some reasons why kids love them:

Inflatable pontoons come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are available in everything from bright blue to fun tangerine color variations. The manufacturer has packaged each board in two different styles. You get the standard single piece in either pink or white and a special deluxe version that is double wide and rounder with three pieces.

If you want the ultimate inflatable paddle board, look for the twilight version. It comes in blue and orange and comes with a special hood, tie and loop closures to ensure your safety. It also adds a unique rainbow of colors for an extra pop of color and fun. When you want to have fun on your outdoor adventure, inflatable stand up paddle boards are the way to go. They are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble.

The INFLAT iRocker cruiser Paddleboard from iRocker is a durable and quality paddleboard that offers great fun for young and old alike. The iRocker cruiser is a great choice for an all-round water sport activity. You can perform your usual wakeboarding tricks, surfacing or jet skiing and more. The rigid stainless steel frame provides full stability with precise engineering so your body remains stable and the inflatable straps and stabilizer system to keep you in perfect balance.

The Inflatable Paddle Board from the manufacturer is made up of high tech material to ensure your safety. This durable and lightweight model is available in different sizes variants. The larger size variants are suitable for children and adults who want to experience the exciting ride. The size variants are offered in different colors, sizes, and materials to suit every need and budget.

The INFLAT iRocker Cruisers with an anti-fog built to prevent dust from collecting on the deck. The fiberglass paddle with an aluminum frame provides full suspension and durability to keep your body stable while riding. The fiberglass paddle also come with a lightweight design that reduces fatigue. The front stabilizer bar and toe plate extensions are designed to help increase stability and handle the stress of a longer ride. The outrigger fins at the tail have been purposely engineered not to deflect boarders. These fins work to absorb most of the energy before it is transferred to the tail and mainboard.

The inflatable kayak has an improved stability level when compared to other traditional paddleboards due to its new Inflatable Nose buoy which has increased stability and maneuverability. The Inflatable Paddle Board from the manufacture uses a self-deflation process which helps maintain the inflation process at a constant temperature. This helps the rider to control the direction of the board. The Inflatable Paddle Board is available with an anti-freeze type liner, which helps to maintain the freshness of the inflatable. The INFLAT iRocker Cruisers comes complete with two removable insoles that provide extra traction and stability.

The latest invention by Inflatable Kiteboarding, the INFLAT iKite is the new lightweight, durable paddle made of wood with improved anti-tip design for maximum stability and maneuverability. The iKite comes complete with two removable insoles to help increase your comfort and performance levels. The wood nose made from carbon fiber lets you better steer the paddle with more control allowing you to make quick turns. Its size is smaller than other traditional Inflatable Paddle Boards yet still has the same durability and performance as any other paddle made of wood. The new anti-tip design also provides better stability, making it ideal for beginners.

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