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Inbound marketing has come a long way. While outbound strategies consist of cold calling to pitching unknown clients, inbound marketing aims at providing value to your target audience. Contrary to traditional business practices, inbound marketing draws users to your audience when they need it.

It follows the principle – Attracts, Engage and Delight – to build a strong brand. Another reason for this marketing strategy to be popular is it is not as expensive as traditional marketing methods. Further, it builds trust among users and hence derives more sales.

It does not sound as if you are trying to swindle gullible customers into believing something that they do not know like in the case of cold calling. You have rather compelling reasons to justify why they should believe you.

If you have a start-up, outbound marketing can be risky and inbound marketing will help you focus on creating demand for your product or service. Here is how you can follow the fundamental rule of inbound marketing.

Ways to ATTRACT your customers

The first step is to attract customers. Following are the tools that can draw attention to your users.

  • Blogging

People want to know about your products and services, but not in a promotional way. They want to see how you can help them. Blogs should aim at providing a solution to their problems.

For instance, if you provide financial products like loans and credit card deals to your users, you need to understand their problems before offering them a solution through a blog. Do not write on vague topics like features of very bad credit loans with no guarantor. Instead, you should write critical points to bear in mind while applying for very bad credit loans with no guarantor.

  • Videos

Videos are more engaging than text. More than one-third of internet users prefer watching videos as they engage them, and they can understand the message more effectively.

Video marketing provides you with access to free platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. It is the most effective ways to reach out to a broad audience. It builds brand value quickly as you can inject your personality into your efforts.

  • Social media

Around 80% of users you are targeting you will find on social media. Social media presence ensures building awareness. From launching a new product to exclusive offers, you can propagate everything on social media platforms.

It encourages engagement, communicates authority, and hence quickly builds trust among visitors. It creates your reputation as you tackle customer comments, queries and doubts. You immediately respond to them with your helpful approach. You get customer feedback to improve your business practices, and above all, it helps you know what your audience wants from you.

Ways to ENGAGE your customers

The second step is to increase the engagement of your audience. Here is how you can do it.

  • Lead flows

Lead flows are an efficient way to capture your users’ attention and can ultimately lead to your next conversion. It comes in a variety of formats like a pop-up box, dropdown banner etc. It can improve your conversion rate provided it makes sense with your business, and you use it smartly.

For instance, a lead flow at the bottom of the landing page will bring zero results, but it will work if you run it on a blog page to encourage your users to subscribe to your blog.

  • Email marketing

Personalised email newsletters can help you stay in touch with your audience. It increases brand recognition. It is a great way to communicate with your users about a new product, service, special schemes, tips, methods, ways etc.

  • Conversational bots

Your business grows when you convert your leads as quickly as possible. When a visitor approaches you, they must have some queries and doubts that you need to resolve without further ado. Round-the-clock service has become possible with conversational bots. It gives a personalised experience to each user, helping them trust your brand.

Ways to DELIGHT your customers

The last step is to delight your customers. If they are satisfied with your product or service, they will come back down the road. Here is how you can do it.

  • After-sale service

Once you have converted a lead, you cannot sit back as your job is still not over. You have to make sure that your buyer is having no problem with your product or service. Take feedback from them to improve your services. After-sale services ensure that you care about your users and value them.

  • Attribution marketing

This marketing strategy allows you to understand the journey of your buyer throughout the sales funnel. It throws light on how your content works, how social media encouraged users, what caused them to take action, and so on. Attribution marketing helps you know how you can improve the experience of users.


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