If you are suddenly in need of a lawyer and you still did not have one, there is a list of traits that you should look out for to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. After all, a discussion with a lawyer comes with a hefty price.

Since you would be spending a lot of time with your lawyer discussing confidential and important matters, they should be understanding of your issue, organized and responsive, patient and levelheaded. A lawyer with these positive traits is favored by clients and they are necessary qualities to help them succeed.

Understanding Of The Client’s Issue

Client care is the most important factor for every service provider to ensure that the stream of customers willing to do business with them is continuous. A lawyer belongs in the customer service industry and if they are understanding of their client’s issue, it would be easier for them to respond to their needs. Winning the case should be the lawyer’s primary concern for this is mostly the reason why they were hired in the first place. Some are even no win no fee lawyers which means they would not charge if the case is not won.

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Organized And Responsive

Being a lawyer takes a lot of time and effort that a disorganized person might not be able to sustain. There are a lot of documents to keep, a lot of concerns to keep track of and a lot of appointments to manage. A lawyer also needs to be responsive since numerous important details should be discussed promptly. Preparing for a case is always under time constraints that’s why it is necessary for a lawyer to be as responsive as possible. The same goes for the clients.


The saying “Patience is a virtue” could not have been truer when it comes to professionals practicing law. Lawyers need to be patient when they are talking to their clients, when they are poring over their case files, when they are interviewing witnesses and when they are negotiating and bargaining. Someone whose temper is short would blow their fuse at the smallest inconvenience and this might negatively affect their cause.


Lawyers tend to use their brains than their heart. They have to be logical, rational, witty, smart and cunning. They could not afford to be emotional since their judgment on things would be clouded and it would be difficult for them to see what is really in front of them. Lawyers need to scrutinize every little thing so they would not be surprised when it is brought in court by their opponent. How would they be able to see these tiny details if they are not levelheaded?

It might be hard for you to decipher if the lawyer you are talking to has these necessary traits. When you are talking to them, check if their undivided attention is on you, then you would know that they care for their client. If they are punctual, they are organized and are keeping track of their appointments. If they are able to answer all your questions no matter how trivial they are, they are patient. And if they manage to look at your case logically and is impartial, then they are levelheaded.

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