The garage door is an important part of the house, although most homeowners don’t usually pay much attention to it despite the fact that it is also linked with the security of the house. Quite a significant number of home burglaries usually emanate through the garage door. This is why any homeowner needs to take steps to secure and reinforce the garage door.

Taking your time to ensure that your garage door is properly secured can go a very long way at ensuring that your overall security in the house is enhanced and guaranteed.

Let’s now take a look at how you can help secure your home with your garage door:

  • Never leave your remote in the car

Thieves know where to look for access to your garage door, and mostly they target the opener remote, which is usually clipped to the visor in a car. To avoid giving burglars easy access to your garage and house, always remember to take the remote with you as you leave the vehicle. You can do this smartly by replacing the big garage door remote with a small key chain version (this is usually sold at shops that sell garage door accessories).

You can then match the remote with the brand and year of your garage door opener and then just follow the programming instructions of the key. Of course, this is technical, but you can let a professional garage door repair person from a reputable garage door improvement service do this for you.

  • Just keep your garage door shut

The number one safety tip for a garage door is always to make sure that you don’t leave the garage door open, especially when you aren’t home. Well, this may seem obvious to you, but it is quite easy for the garage door to shift to ‘autopilot’ mode, especially when you are rushing out of the house when going to work or if in an emergency.

  • Fortify the service door

The other best way that you can secure your home is to strengthen the service door by calling in a qualified garage door, improvement technicians to help you. A certified and experienced garage door repairs technician can help you install a good-quality deadbolt and reinforce the doorjamb and hinges of the service door so that the door can withstand a brute-force attack.

The other thing that can be done when performing reinforcing work is to strengthen the lock area of the service door with a metal sleeve. A strong strike plate can then be securely attached to the wall and strengthened with long screws into the wall. You should be able to find heavy-duty strike plates at home centers or hardware stores.

 Having a garage door timer installed is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget to close the garage door when leaving the house or when you return home. Once the garage door timer is installed, depending on the timing, it is given it automatically shuts the door after a specified period has elapsed.

Of course, there are those times that you may want to keep the garage door open for long periods for instance, when cleaning the garage. For this reason, you can turn the timer off so that it doesn’t interfere with your work.

Installation of garage door timer/closer is work that you should let a professional do for you. You can count call in a certified garage door expert to help you do the installation work of your garage door timer/closer.

  • Secure all the doors in the garage

Ensuring the security of your house shouldn’t just stop at securing the garage door alone. All the doors leading from the garage into the house, including all the side doors that lead to the garage, must also be secured. These doors must be treated as the main entrances into the house and made to be secure just like the garage door itself and the front door to the house.

The doors can be secured by being solidly constructed, securely locked and checked routinely for any suspicious activity. All such doors need to be kept locked when the house occupants are not home. Always ensure that you have high-quality garage door locks installed on all doors leading into your garage door on the side or from the garage into the main house. A smart lock can greatly help to make doors in your garage even much more secure.

The other great way for you to deter thieves from trying to access your house through the garage door is installing motion-activated lights. Motion-activated lights are designed to turn on when motion is detected. This is a great way to help deter burglars from attempting to gain entry into your house through the garage door. Motion-activated lights also save you the burden of having to put on your security lights all night long so that your electricity bills remain minimal.

  • Install a monitored security system to your garage door

The other important thing that you can do protect your garage door is to have a monitored security system synchronized with a garage door sensor. Because making such an installation requires the hand of a professional, it is advisable to have a professional do the installation work for you. Having a monitored security system installed at the garage door ensures that you have an extra layer of protection added on your garage door.

About Ben (garage door expert)

Ben is a certified and experienced garage door repair person who can help you with all issues related to the repair and servicing of faulty garage doors. Ben has many years of experience serving and repairing faulty garage doors. He is usually prompt to deliver his services when called upon to render his garage door improvement service.


The above tips about securing your house with your garage door should help you enhance the overall security of your house. Remember, it is these small security missteps that are often overlooked by house owners that usually lead to security breaches by burglars in most homes.

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