Amazon offers a lot of room for selling but you got to be prepared for all that it takes to become a qualified seller. You need to have the best account settings, proper use of keywords, and, above all the best imagery. You might like to do the best SEO to bring the traffic to your store but what if your product images fail to attract the customer. Remember, product images are a matter of impression-making. You can convey the quality to the viewers by developing and placing perfect product pictures on your seller account pages. The product pages need to carry some outstanding pictures to make an impact. One cannot just capture the attention of the viewer if the product images and descriptions are not up to the mark. The product images are not only used to tell about the product but also its features. One can embed the text in the pictures to make them look even effective. Visit for more details.

Now you must have been looking to hire a professional photographer for this task. But here we are going to tell you how to do it at home by using your smartphone.

The Art of Taking Amazon Product Pictures at Home Using Your Smartphone

Yes, you can do it at home and can make marvels with your smartphone. It just requires setting your smartphone to the highest possible resolution. You can use the background that lets you manage your pictures the way you want. The white background is the most suitable in this regard. You can also try some best tools and apps to make things look even impressive. You can also consult an Amazon Agency for proper support. The other things to manage are described below.

i.             Use A Room with Good Lighting

A room with better lighting is a thing of value when it comes to photography. You cannot just capture the fine details without keeping everything in a better light. Exposure of a specific product segment to the light only means bringing that very part to the viewer. Similarly, the image quality will also get disturbed if the light is poor in the room. Even the best of the cameras need better light conditions and using a smartphone for photography makes it even more imperative. It is good to use white light and white background for the best results.

ii.           Selecting the Smartphone for the Photography

Since everything with a camera can help capture images but it is vital to use high-quality cameras for Amazon product photography. Many smartphones are offering DSLR alternatives by offering UHD-quality pictures. But still, you need to pick a smartphone with the best camera to make the photography look great. One cannot just do it with a camera that comes with low resolution. Hence we suggest using smartphones with top-quality cameras. Huawei P20 pro or advance or cell phones with similar standard cameras can surely work your way.

iii.          Get A Mini Tripod

You might have been taking perfect pictures of friends and family members in the recent past. But we still want you to get a mini tripod for the perfect product pictures. It is always difficult to cover all different angles and shooting the items without even a minor shake. A shake is always on cards when you are taking pictures with a handheld device. Hence, using a tripod will give you the control you need. You will be able to cover all different angles while holding the device will become even easier. You will be able to take perfect shots from the beginning to the end.

iv.          Set Your Backdrop

Setting the background is a key to perfect product photography for Amazon. Leaving the background unattended can add distractions and sometimes bad outcomes. You must have been looking to keep your viewers engaged in the product alone. And the white background is the only thing that can ensure that. It is good if you have very well painted white walls in the room. But a backdrop needs to be there if walls do not offer the shade you need for photography.

v.           Use White Bounce Boards and Diffuser Sheets

Light is vital for photography but at the same time, it can tarnish the images with unwanted flash spots and shadows. You need to keep the shadow effect in control while the white balance also needs to be kept in the right balance. The white bounce boards are known for distributing the light evenly in the room. Similarly, diffusers will help absorb the undue whiteness. You will be able to take perfect product images for the Amazon store by making good use of these tools.

vi.          Take Care of The Angles

Amazon allows you to add multiple product pictures and hence you have a fine chance of showing your product from different angles. You can try a bird’s eye view to expose the top of the product. While a slanted angle can also serve the purpose in certain cases. High angle, low angle, and eye-level can also be tried to show the product perfectly in the store. The eyelevel shows a product in a way that lets one see directly into the product. You are seeing the pictures in a way as if you are seeing the product directly.

5 Best Smartphone Apps forThe Best Product Photography

The smartphone cameras are not often loaded with a wide range of tools. You can do a lot with the primary camera setting but trying something even useful is always good. Some android and IOS apps can surely help you capture the images you want. Most of them are free to use but they can add a look to the product pictures with some splendid effects. The top five of them are described below.

  • Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop express
  • Snapseed
  • VSCO
  • Camera+

The above-described apps are known for adding some wonderful effects to the pictures. You can pick any one of them for perfect product photography. You are also free to choose any other app known to help photographers in enhancing the effects during or after the photoshoot.

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