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The construction industry is full of success stories as well as failure. In this regard, delays are the ugliest truths in the building projects.  The primary reason is that it costs the finances as well as the reputation of the contractors. So, remember! Once you have encountered a disruption in your project being a manager or contractor, you must consider resolving the issues by selecting the best delay analysis technique.

Considering the ever-growing infrastructural development in the UAE, it can be said with confidence that project disruptions are not good for any of the stakeholders.  Owing to this, various contractors take care of the uncertainties by taking the assistance of delay experts in order to avoid complications.  In this way, the need for forensic examinations is performed to evaluate the risks and damages of post-disruptions.

However, appropriate analysis methods should be used to evaluate delays. But, how? The article is aimed to provide you the answers quickly!

What is delay analysis?

The terminology is used frequently in the construction sector when it comes to disputes in the projects. Basically, delay analysis methods are the techniques used to perform forensic planning of the projects to ensure potential causes and outcomes. The professionals conduct such analyses to resolve construction claims.

What are the techniques for delay analysis?

There are various methods available to perform analysis in case of delays in construction. The professionals are required to select the most suitable techniques for ensuring foolproof forensic estimations. Here is given the detail:

  • As‐planned vs. as‐built
  • Windows analysis
  • As‐built but for
  • Impacted as‐planned
  • Time‐impact analysis

Top tips to choosing appropriate delay analysis method

Nevertheless, delays are the most frequent causes of disruption in construction projects. Therefore, the contractors should keep a critical eye on the transitional processes to avoid delays by all means.  However, the construction projects can overrun in a friction of time owing to natural calamities or negligence of project managers.

It is noteworthy to understand that no matter what are the causes of delays but you have to be pro-active in handling the disputes as to the consequence. For this purpose, the selection of the best delay analysis techniques is essential.

Let’s consider the easy-peasy tips to help you pick a method of construction project disruption or delay for the best resolution of the issues:

  • Consider the causes of delays critically
  • Identify the types of delays
  • Focus on legal project requirements
  • Go through contractual obligations
  • Evaluate time vs. money constraints
  • Get help from delay analysis professionals

A final thought on selecting best analysis methods for construction delays

Summing up, delays are dangerous so you should try your best to avoid it. But, once you fall the prey of such a thing, don’t hesitate to deal face the situation with courage. After all, your confidence in yourself can help you get rid of construction-related issues.

The best way is to acquire a delay witness expert to conduct the forensic analysis of potential causes and outcomes to nip the construction claims in the bud. Remember! A delay in handling the disruptions can cause complications, be pro-active to come up with potential solutions promptly!

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