How to save video from twitter on the iPhone?


When you use twitter, you may often see an important clip that you wish to save on your phone to re-share with other people, especially with friends and family on another platform. What happens when you remember that twitter doesn’t have any option to download the video? Most of the time you don’t have an option and let go of your wish. But if you want to know how to get your desirable video from twitter on your iPhone. I hope this article helps you and after reading this you may be able to get your clips. Let’s briefly discuss about Twitter.            

We know that Twitter is a social media site that provides the opportunity for people to connect with each other across the world.

Why videos become popular nowadays?

Twitter is important in our life it provided information about important happenings around the world. When we use Twitter, we also seen the useful material in the form of tweets, GIFS, and videos.

The videos are more important because videos are present in the visual form and we can easily deliver the awareness about social issues especially to the uneducated people. When the valuable information, trending issues and affairs are presented in the form of visual content(videos), the people grasp and understand in a better way. Twitter videos help them.

Is it easy to save video from the twitter?

The saving video on the iPhone was a little bit difficult due to the terms and conditions of Apple. It does not mean that it is completely impossible to save twitter videos on your iPhone. You can save the video to watch offline and share it, friends.

There are different tools that you have easily assessed which guarantees you that they will save twitter videos on the iPhone. Honestly, there was difficult to find a reliable tool and work as expected.

Twitter video downloader.

The twitter video downloader ( is the online video downloader site available on the web. You can save videos by using this site unless it stops working entirely.

Feature of site

1. The site is free of cost and you do not require special kind of permission.
2. The site provides you the option to download clips in different ranges of sizes. If you want to watch videos in the best quality, then go for the high resolution. If you have storage issues, you will select a low-resolution option to manage your storage.

Steps to download video.

You will be able to download videos from twitter by following the step by step instructions given below. Let’s begin your journey to learn how to save twitter videos on iPhone, iPad and Mac computer.

1. Find the tweet with the video.​​​​​​
Firstly, go to and search for the desired tweet from where you want to save the video on your phone.
2. Copy link to tweet.

Click on ellipsis or three dots and select “copy link to tweet”. Then right-click on the tweet URL and copy link address.

3. The link address of the tweet will be saved to your iPhone clipboard.
4. Open a web browser.

Go to the home screen and open the web webbrowser. Type the on the address bar and then hit the go button.

5. Paste tweets’ web address.

Ignore the numerous ads available on the website and locate a field box. Paste the URL you copied in step 2 above in the field box.

6. Click on download.

Select the download option. To find the download link scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the resolution and then click on the download video button which places next to the resolution. The video starts playing on your iPhone.

7. Save twitter video to your iPhone.

Select add to the home screen. Then enter the video name and then click on save. The video will be added to your home screen.

Enjoy your favorite video in your leisure time. Leave the comment in the below section.


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