The problem with creating a blog with WordPress is that until recently the only option to build a blog was with a WordPress theme. But WordPress themes are always limited because you have to work within the boundaries of what the developers made. This will often times limit you in terms of features and design options. This is why I don’t use WordPress themes anymore.

What is the solution?

Working with Elementor Pro! Because Elementor Pro allows you to build a whole blog without actually touching the theme. In this course we just install the most light theme you can get (because WordPress still requires a theme to work unfortunately) but we won’t use it. We will use all the features of Elementor Pro to build every part of our blog. So the header, menu, blogposts list, sidebar, footer and so on. In this way we have complete freedom over the design and features without ever touching a line of code. And this all for a small monthly investment compared to what most other platforms charge . cClick the link below to find best services for Elementor pro

What if I don’t have any design elements?

In this course was build for people that want their own blog, but also for people that just want to use this for their own portfolio. I will give you my design files so you can fully create a blog from scratch besides me.

Learning how to build websites comes with huge opportunities. You will be able to build your own blog website (like I do in this course) or build websites for other people or businesses. This gives you another skill that you can add to your portfolio, within just a few hours of your investment.

Why is this course different?

Most other courses will use limited themes like I said before. That will limit you now, but more importantly, in the future. No website will always stay the same. So it’s a way smarter workflow to work with Elementor Pro, because this allows you to change or add anything you want. You can even add a webshop to your blog website without any extra costs. That’s almost impossible at most other platforms.

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