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Businesses often need to hire storage containers. In most cases, rental options will offer you benefits to hire second hand used containers for the short or long term. So it means that you may have to compromise on the condition of the containers.

This makes it necessary that before making a selection of the container you should inspect it perfectly. You can search for container hire in Auckland services that offer genuine conditioned containers for the best price.

Reputable container renting services like Hardcase Container hire LTD will offer well-maintained containers for the best competitive price. It is obvious that second-hand containers are often prone to a certain level of wear and tear that has to be checked in advance


One of the most common issues related to containers is that most of them have dents. At least minimum dents are expected the moment you opt for rental options. if the dent is quite big then it can easily collect rainwater and get rusted.

So the moment you hire a container you should spend time checking out the level of dents on its surface. If the container has a lot of deep dents then look around for other options.

Rust issues

Containers are generally made up of solid cast iron and are coated with anti-rust paints. But over some time, they lose the external coating. This is when they are more prone to rusting easily. Rusted containers may never offer the best security for your goods.

So the moment you hire a container you should check for rust. Avoid hiring containers that are rusted over 10 percent. Small rust on the top layer could also affect the remaining container within a short period.


Holes may not be common but they are easily visible on outer walls of the container and at the base. These are the areas that are left out even when inspecting your best. Holes can pose a serious threat as it is the best entryway for pests and rats.

If your container is going to be used for holding expensive goods then avoid hiring one that has holes on its surface.

Chemical degrading

Containers might have been used for storing chemical-based ingredients in the past. Even if it has been cleaned perfectly still the chemical traces may still be present. These types of containers may not be the ideal choice for storing food products and electronic items.

So before you hire containers try and collect details of its history. Rent a container that might have never been used for storing chemicals.

Container rental is never as easy as it sounds. There are many factors that you have to consider. This is important if you want to safeguard your goods.

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