Are you trying to sell your old car? Wait, you want to grab the deal, and that’s why you are scouring for the best tips on the internet. Well, if you are, then you have hit the right page. We would be providing you with some cool tips on how you can seek the right price for your precious old car. 

It is a simple process, do not overwhelm yourself. Just be calm and follow important things to do. 


  • Give your old buddy a nice clean-up 


Your car must have been your best buddy in your college days or more than that in the past. But as now you are relieving it, you should do it heartily. So, clean the car, empty the interiors, and give it a good wash. You do not have to overdo the vehicle completely; a simplistic cleaning regime will do the job. 

Since it was your valuable possession, respect it and care for it the last time. 


  • Get the minor repairs done 


We do not recommend repairing it and making it a brand-new car. But if there are minor repairs that can be easily managed by you, then go for it. This will surely help you in collecting a good price for your car. The buyer or the car wrecker will love a car that looks good and functions well on the street. Look at your car through the eyes of your prospective buyer; you will instantly know what to do about it. 


  • Do a safety inspection of the vehicle beforehand 


It happens that an old car dealer might not provide you with a justified price. Also, you might not be confident about how much money your car can fetch. So, we recommend a practical idea of getting a car inspection done before you approach a car wrecker. Some car owners find this step to be tedious, but they do not know how much they are losing. 

When you seek an inspection report, you can convey the right price to the buyers or the wreckers with full confidence. You will be having accurate details from an authorized person and not from a layman’s point of view. 


  • Finding a local and best car wrecker in town 


Since each local market is different from each other, you have to find car wreckers in Whangarei properly. This includes checking the yellow pages and internet, assessing their reviews and credibility, consulting with them, and discussing with the concerned person of the reliable car wrecker. Mega Car Collection is a trusted concern and can help to dispose of your car instantly for an excellent price. 

Conclusively, you can undoubtedly break all the misconceptions and fetch the best price of your old car. You just need to be intuitive and be active with your research. 

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