Looking for apartments for rent in Denver CO on short notice can be a chaotic experience. Most of us would prefer having a month or two at hand to search for good accommodations and settle matters with the current landlord. Unfortunately, you may have to relocate on short notice due to a job change or because the current landlord doesn’t want to renew the lease. It’s even more chaotic if you’re moving into Denver rather than across it to a new neighborhood. You can start by notifying your landlord about the planned move. Then you need to do some research to find a decent place to live in.

Finding Apartments For Rent In Denver Quickly

Meet Current Landlord

You need to settle all pending matters before you relocate. It could include pending rent, security fees, penalties, etc. Depending on your lease terms, the landlord may deduct some amount from the security deposit. Try to leave on positive terms so that they may offer a positive reference if asked.

Define Your Expectations

You may need to compromise on many of your expectations since you are relocating on short notice. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the basics. Make a list of things your new apartment must have like proximity to your new office, affordable rent, 24/7 access to utilities, etc.

Set Budget

Your budget may also be tight due to the short time you have to arrange enough money for new apartments. Your rent should be no more than twenty percent of your income so that you can afford utilities, food, transport, etc. You need to include the security deposit, pet deposit, moving cost, etc. in your calculation.

Research Denver’s Neighborhoods

Denver is well known for its neighborhoods like LoDo, RiNo, Metro Area, etc. You can find detailed information about different neighborhoods through blogs and news sites. You can also check the Google Map to find amenities near the new apartment complex. Find out each area’s average rent rate based on the expectations you set.

Check Apartment Finders

An apartment finder in Denver is a good source of information on good apartments in the city. You can check them based on your requirements. Some finders offer virtual tours which speed up the apartment hunting process a bit.

Contact Acquaintances

If you have friends and relatives in the city who are willing to accommodate you until you find an apartment then take their help. See if some of them are looking for new roommates. If you got a new job in the city, then you can ask your employer for temporary accommodation or assistance with relocation.

Use Social Media

Post your query on social media accounts with relevant details like your budget and expectation. Check apartment finding groups and forums to find landlords seeking new tenants on short term. Check for signs of spam, like poor grammar or offers too good to be true.

Tour Apartments

You need to confirm that the apartments look the same as the landlord described them online before you sign the lease. Visit as many apartments for rent in Denver as possible before making the final decision. If you live outside Denver, then ask the landlord or a friend to give you a live video tour of the place. Some apartment finders also offer this service.

Carry Docs And Checkbook

Though rare, you may find the best apartment within your budget on your first visit. In that case, you need to seal the deal before someone else does it. Carry all the important documents during the tour like reference letters, ID, etc. Carry a checkbook to pay the security deposit on the spot. Read the lease terms carefully before signing it.

Once you find a decent accommodation and settle matters with your current landlord, it’s time to pack your stuff and relocate. You can consult an apartment finder in Denver to find better options while you settle in and get used to your new neighborhood.

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