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Over the past decade there has been an increase in the use of apps as more and more apps were introduced through different app stores and the internet. While most apps were for the purpose of socializing and making our daily lives easier such as Facebook, Instagram, Maps, Calculator, etc. many were for gaming purposes using mobile app development. Among the gaming apps, many sports fantasy apps are very popular. One example is Tennis Fantasy app. According to the latest statistics, Tennis is the third most popular sport in the world.Fantasy tennis tournament is a competitive fantasy game where participants can choose players who will compete with many other participants based on their success and organize a dream team. The winner is selected and presented with a good point based on assessing the historical and contemporary results. With more than a billion fans worldwide, the potential to transform casual Tennis fans into fans of a unique app is huge. Tennis fans even go so far as to say that we live in the “golden age” of tennis, with some of the greatest players ever playing dignifying the court for our entertainment. So how can a tennis fantasy app be made? Simply by making sure of the following steps.

Compulsory Features of the App using mobile app development Dubai.

  1. User Registration: In this step necessary details such as username and email ID are acquired from the users through mobile app development Dubai.
  2. Landing Page: After users have logged in, they land on this page.
  3. Contest:The users can view details of content they participate in the app.
  4. Join Contest: As the name goes, this feature accepts users to join the contest using mobile app development Dubai.
  5. Profile Settings:The users here can customize using this functionality. Along with the functionality of updating their profile, users can also check their reward points, account details and bonus.
  6. Dashboard: Dashboard is where the administrator can access various statistics about the number of games played and information related to the total number of players.
  7. User Account Manager: Allows users to manage the entire account. Using the feature, users can edit, start, delete, or open their account.
  8. Manage Contests: It is used to manage and coordinate various ongoing competitions. The administrator can easily manage the competition categories, extensions, program, deletion, or disable the competition if necessary.
  9. Report Management: It enables the administrator to access all different types of reports such as player status report using mobile app development Dubai.

Basic App Design using mobile app development Dubai.

  1. Easy Onboarding: The first and most important factor to consider when designing an app is its adaptiveness. The only complaint players have with some of the biggest names in the industry is how they pay too little attention to the app adaptation. In addition to following the best adaptations, there should be a guide to the app that takes the user to the various parts of the app.
  2. Defined Real Estate: There is a lot the user can do within the app, they can create leagues, join one, follow real-time points, view their team managers, access dashboard and much more. To realize how much of this information is set to be the backbone of an app, it is important that the app designer consider installing a frame in screen real estate. Also find the best ways to display all the different data sets that a user need.
  3. Minimal Text Usage: The last thing the user will need when interacting with the app with high adrenaline sensations is the presence of a lot of text. What our developers team unanimously advises is that even if your app requires full text content, avoid using it in the app – at least on the screen’s users have to interact with during the game.

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