The retail line sheet allows you to convince the customer. It is very different from a wholesale line sheet because the end-user requires a lot more convincing before making a purchase.

Before I tell you how to create the perfect retail line sheet template, you need to understand the difference between retail and wholesale.

Retail vs. Wholesale:

As a manufacturer, you can either sell your products as a wholesale dealer or a retail store. The main difference between a retailer and a dealer is the customer.

A retail store sells the products directly to end-users. You need to introduce your products in terms of specifications properly. Also, you need to be able to fully convince the customer that he needs your product. A great example of a retailer is the Apple store. They use advertisements, YouTube, and host Apple events to convince you to buy their phones.

Similarly, a wholesale dealer has no concern with the end-user. All the convincing needs to be handled by the middleman or the vendor. A wholesale line sheet assists the vendor in purchasing the right mix of all the items. However, wholesale deals have lower price-per-product as compared to retail sales.

Perfect retail line sheet:

Now that you know whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, the next step is to create a line sheet. It needs to be able to provide all the required information regarding your products.


A perfect line sheet needs to have an elegant design. Imagine an A4 page with your company’s logo at the top. It needs to have an eye-catching color contrast and a beautiful yet unique font. The color combination should match your brand and attract the customer from far away. A retail line sheet template takes care of all these aspects for you.

Using a template, you are sure to catch the attention of as many potential customers as possible. The success of a purchase depends on whether your product is convincing or not.


As a retailer, you need to provide all the positive information on your line sheet. However, make sure that you don’t over-populate the page, or it may look messy. By adding all the possible pros, you ensure that one thing the customer may be looking.

Every customer has different demands and requirements. It is impossible to create a single product that satisfies all different types of users. But you may lose a potential buyer by not including information that might interest him. By using a template, you ensure to include all the necessary information on the sheet.


Be sure to choose the correct template layout. Otherwise, the sheet may look either empty or overly messy.

For example, you are a mobile manufacturer launching three new devices. The perfect layout for you will be the 3×1 because it allows you to include all three devices along with their specifications ideally. You can even create a quick comparison between them by placing the variants side by side.

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