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The daily routine of a person with home, work, children and the rest of the family is very difficult to combine with cleaning. Therefore, cleaning when you are barely at home or time is scarce is possible if you put into practice these keys that we propose below

Tricks to Clean when time is Short

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the order in the room.  As soon as you get up, stretch the sheets back so that the bed is ventilated and opens the window for 5-10 minutes. While the room and bed are ventilated you can perform other tasks, so you will not waste time. Once time has passed, stretch the sheet and the Nordic and your room will look like new in less than two minutes.

Secondly you should get used to taking advantage of the moments when you are in the bathroom or kitchen to do something. This means that every morning, when you take a shower and once you have finished, take advantage of passing the cloth through the tiles with a bathroom cleaner. You can also use the cleaning wipes, it will only take you two or three minutes and you will leave the bathroom clean early in the morning.

You can do the same when you are in the kitchen, while you prepare breakfast, put the dishwasher or prepare a washing machine. At this time you can take advantage and clean the closet door, the ceramic hob or the countertop. By doing it little by little, and constantly, at the end of the week you will notice that this helps you save time in cleaning the home.

4 keys to Clean when you have Little Time

Keep in mind the two minute rule.  What does it consist of? It is as easy as making a list of tasks that can take only two minutes and that make our house stay better and look different. When you have even 5 minutes free, you just have to take the list and see what task you can do at that time. They are simple tasks such as cleaning the dust of a door, cleaning the phone, cleaning the plugs and switches of a room, etc.

Distribute the tasks. If you have children, you can instill in them the fact of cleaning. Cleaning does not have to be an ordeal if you think of it as a game and something they should do. Delegating tasks among the different members of your family will help you spend more time with them and do other household chores.

Another key to keep in mind is that if you have large tasks, divide them into small parts.  What do you get with this? Do not overwhelm yourself and set yourself guidelines to reach the final goal. By dividing it, you can do tasks of a maximum of 15 minutes in different blocks. For example, if you have to clean a shelf, divide it by shelves and in your spare time go cleaning them by blocks.

Finally and most advisable is to establish a daily routine. Creating routines and habits is the best thing you can do to clean your house in a short time and in an orderly manner. It establishes a morning and afternoon routine, and as we said before, it delegates functions and tasks among all the components of the family.

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