How to buy Jagannath Paul Paintings online?


If you share a love for painting or want to make your home or office look more artistic, I am sure you have considered getting one of the Jagannath Paul Paintings. There is no doubt that Jagannath Paul is one of the famous Indian artists, and his paintings are widely famous. As well as he has won several awards for his paintings and works that he has done.

Talking about Jagannath Paul, Well, he has graduated from the Government College of Arts & Crafts, Kolkata. And he is mainly popular for his charcoals on paper or canvas. His works mainly bring out the drama of black and white by introducing solid blocks of paint. And each of his paintings is pretty interesting to watch, and his unique style is what made him a widely famous painter.

Jagannath Paul Exhibitions:

Throughout his career, he has done a lot of solo shows, and groups show all around India. Some of his popular exhibitions were the:

Solo Shows

  • 2007 Gallery G, Bangalore.
  • 2006 Museum Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2003 World Trade Centre, Arcade, Mumbai.

Group Shows

  • 2000 Gaganandra Shilpa, Pradarsansala, Information Centre, Kolkata.
  • 2000,1999,98,97,96,95 Annual Exihibition of Govt. College of Art And Craft, Kolkata.
  • 1999,98 All India Annual Exihibition – Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata.
  • 1999,98,98 All India Annual Exihibition- Indian Society of Oriental Art, Kolkata.

Award & Recognition

Jagannath Paul also has won so many prestigious awards throughout his career. And some of the popular recognitions and awards that he got are the:

  • 2003 Hindusthan Pencil Ltd. Award from the Bombay art Society.
  • 2001 Camlin Award, Mumbai.
  • 1999 College Award from Govt. College of Art And Craft.
  • 1997 AIFACS Scholarship by The AIFACS, New Delhi.
  • 1996,95 College Award for Best Pencil Study.
  • 1996 Academy Award from Academy of Fine Art.
  • 1996 Gopen Roy Award from Indian Society of Oriental Art.
  • 1996 Scholarship:- Gopal Ghosh from Govt. College of Art & Craft.

Where to buy Jagannath Paul Paintings?

Now coming to the main question, which is how to buy Jagannath Paul Paintings? Well, on the internet there are quite a lot of websites available from where you can easily purchase one of the Jagannath Paul Paintings.

However, before you purchase any paintings from any website out there. I would recommend you to use a trusted website only. As there are so many fakes, websites also exist. So it would be a good idea to be careful.

Also, if you ask me for site recommendations so you can buy Jagannath Paul Paintings online, then I would say you to check out websites like,, and a few others. So go ahead and check these sites out.

Final Words:

Well, if you are an art lover, then it would be a really great idea to have one of the Jagannath Paul Paintings in your collection. So go ahead and check these websites out and see which painting of his you like the most.


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