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Throughout the years, HBO Go has developed to turn into a top video-on-demand administration in the United States. To completely make the most of your HBO Go membership, you have to enact HBO Go on your smart TV. 


Right now, talk about some simple ways for actuating HBO Go through on Roku, Apple TV, Comcast and Xbox One. 


HBO Go enactment process is very basic and clear, however, it’s somewhat unique for every gadget. How to Activate HBO Go on Roku utilizing Roku is a mainstream computerized media player, and likewise a perfect gadget to play HBO Go channels. 


You can stream HBO content from Roku player by actuating the HBO Go application. 


  • Connect your Roku player to a TV or other presentation gadget 
  • On your Roku player, go to the home screen 
  • Select ‘Spilling Channels’ from the left 
  • Choose the HBO Go channel 
  • Tap the ‘Include channel’ button 
  • Enter the Roku PIN on the prompt (for enactment) 
  • If you forgot the Roku PIN, go to and get your PIN 
  • Click on OK to confirm 


In the wake of introducing the HBO Go application, open it on Roku TV. Presently, tap on ‘Actuate your gadget’. 


  • Open a program application on your PC, type “” and go to the location 
  • Follow the onscreen directions to get an actuation code 
  • Select ‘Roku’ 
  • Tap on Continue 
  • Select your present TV specialist organization 
  • Tap on ‘initiate gadget’ 


After a couple of seconds, you’ll perceive how HBO Go initiates on Roku with an affirmation message that says “Achievement!” You’ve effectively enacted HBO Go on your Roku TV and Roku player. 


How to Activate HBO Go on Apple TV utilizing 


HBO Go initiation on Apple TV is the least difficult strategy. You can download the HBO Go application on your Apple TV from iTunes and appreciate gushing premium substance from America’s top system. 


Here’s how you do it – 


  • Download HBO Go application on from iTunes 
  • Install it on your Apple TV gadget 
  • Open the application and go to its home screen 
  • Select ‘initiate gadget’ 
  • On your Apple TV, open the Safari program application 
  • Go to 
  • Enter the username and secret phrase (from TV supplier) 
  • Sign in to your HBO Go account 
  • Click on HBO Go Activate gadget 


After an affirmation message is conveyed, HBO Go actuates on Apple TV.


Snap on the Settings menu HBO Go Activate on Xbox One


Enacting HBO Go on Xbox One is precarious. The HBO Go application isn’t straightforwardly accessible for establishment on Xbox One. You can in any case use HBO Go by connecting the Xbox comfort to your HBO Go client profile. 


  1. Get a 4-digit actuation code on your PC as examined before (select your present TV supplier) 
  2. Open a program application on Xbox One 
  3. Type ‘’ and proceed 
  4. On the site page, select Xbox One as the gadget 
  5. Here, pick the TV specialist organization 
  6. Tap on Activate Device 
  7. Enter the initiation code showed before 
  8. Click on ‘initiate’ tab 


That is how HBO Go initiates on the Xbox One support. 


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