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Technology is so miraculous that it turns impossible into possible. The expectations are sure to get higher. Human civilisation has seen unprecedented innovations and now a part of this civilisation is in intense need of support. Yes, people with any disability need assistance in their day-to-day activities. Whether they are at home, at work or in an amusement park, to enjoy life, they require support to act normal.

Nowadays, technology is making lives better, and those with disability have smarter ways to live. How things are getting better for them is a matter of curiosity. Here is a list of points that invite attention to the role of tech in improving the quality of life better.

Eyes-controlled mouse – Your sight can do a lot

This is helpful while using a computer. The devices like GT3D facilitate the control of the computer through the movement of eyes. The user wears glasses equipped with a camera and software. It is possible to make the mouse pointer move to any part of the screen by moving the eyes. Another option with a similar function is Tobii PCEye. It helps people work in their home as well as at the workplace.

Message through voice control – Speak your mind out

This is a fantastic team of smartphone and voice control that is hugely in use. The person can get the message in written form on the phone by speaking. On the other side, the written things or text messages can be transformed into speech by giving vocal instructions. Blind people find this technology convenient, and their articulation gets a platform to fulfil daily communication needs.

UNI  – Connecting the two corners

Quite popular all over the world, UNI is a tool that facilitates two-way communication for the deaf. It uses gesture and speech to communicate the message of the user. Its advanced camera algorithm converts the actions of fingers and hands into text. Another software in it converts speech into text for an uncompromised two-sided communication. It improves the communication skills of people with autism.

Assist-Mi – For a timely help

It is an application that helps in getting real-time assistance. It is majorly used to connect the caregivers and service providers with people with any disability. If they want to go to travel, for shopping, for a movie, or to work, the user can get help by sending just a simple message. For instance – before going to a grocery store, a person can send the message about the required items. By the time he reaches to the store, the service provider will keep the bunch of all the things ready.

SNP – Breathing is employed to express your emotions

It is an input device that can control onscreen action just by breathing. Those who cannot use their hands can make its use for daily communication. It is a kind of wand that uses the one can wear either on the head or chin. Through specific actions that include breathing, the signals reach the screen.

In 4 ways, one can send the message.

  1. Inhaling
  2. Exhaling
  3. Sipping
  4. Puffing

Robotic exomuscle suit – Walk on your own

It is magic for People with mobility impairments. A mix of robotics and textiles, this suit helps people walk and sit effortlessly. A product of a Zurich based company, which is less than 5 kilograms in weight. The sensors on the hip and the knee detect the movements that a person wants to make and then works accordingly.

People who can walk but have some weakness in bones or muscles fail to climb the stairs and walk properly. They walk but lose balance. This suit makes the daily activities effortless, and the user can go to work, shopping, movies etc. Many people have even taken part in a marathon establishing new records.


The technology is at service, and humans need to learn its best use. The final thing that needs to bring in the notice is the financial investment on the devices and applications. However, they are not very expensive, and by applying for the doorstep loans in Ireland , funds can be arranged while sitting at home. However, with the advancement in technology every year, companies keep providing cheaper options. There is no compromise in quality. For sure, tech is going to give more surprises and they all are destined to make things better only better.

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