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Search engine optimization is imperative to the success of any small and local business. Moreover, the price you decide to pay for your local online marketing ventures will essentially depend on your chosen plan.

You will have to choose the right strategy and package for yourself. If you are contacting a professional marketing staffing agency or choosing a high-end SEO plan, you should expect the prices accordingly. Typically, local SEO agencies offer the following SEO services packages or tiers:

  • Automated local SEO (Around $84-$499 a year)
  • Small-scale SEO local campaigns (Around $399-$899 a month)
  • Comprehensive SEO campaigns (Around $899- $1999 a month)

Let’s know them in some detail.

Automated Local SEO Services

For a monthly or yearly fee, automated systems will do the work for you. They will submit all your business info to the business directories and data providers. They will make sure that your business address, name, and contact number are consistently available in local searches.

Without a doubt, these platforms are easily manageable. But if you stop paying, they will instantly stop maintaining the listings. Therefore, they don’t offer long-term value. If you are trying to ensure high rankings of your site in the local searches, know that you cannot rely on automated services alone.

For platforms such as Moz Local, according to the choice of your package, you have to pay around $129 a year for one location.

While on platforms like Yext and Synup, the typical cost will around $300-$499 a year for one location. For large businesses, however, they do offer massive discounts.

Small-Scale SEO Local Campaigns

The pricing will depend on the agency you pick. For small-scale SEO services, you should expect to pay around $399-$899 a month. If you are just starting off with local SEO or if your business is currently operating in just one location, small-scale SEO is perhaps your best option. This solution definitely doesn’t include the bells and whistles of a comprehensive plan. But it can get you more local customers, generate more revenue, and rank your business higher in the SERPs.

Comprehensive Local SEO Solution

When you go for a comprehensive local SEO campaign, the solution typically includes internal maintenance of your website as well as the pertinent external elements. For instance, things like link optimization, citation optimization, online review management, mobile SEO, and so on. They also include services like custom reporting making it convenient for you to track where your money is going as well as your ROI.

If you want to go for this solution, the cost would be typically around $899-$1999 a month. But while these holistic campaigns are expensive, they ensure the long-term success of your business. If you want to achieve the top spots in the search results, go for a comprehensive plan!

Four Factors Which Affect the Final Price

We’ll talk briefly about the factors, which affect the pricing details:


Expect the agencies ad freelancers with more experience to charge more. Higher costs don’t essentially translate into great work always. But remember, the more the experience, the better the job will be done and you get the true value of the money spent.


This is understood that an expert in local SEO campaigns will be less expensive than a pro who has specialized in national and international SEO. When you are hiring an agency or a freelancer, they will charge you according to their scale of operations.


This one goes without saying. The more services you are tacking on, the prices will increase accordingly. Be watchful of adding any unnecessary services because adding more services essentially means a more inflated final bill.

Pricing Model

It’s easy to figure out that most of the agencies, as well as freelancers, charge for their services according to certain pricing models. Here are some of them:

  • Performance-based.
  • Hourly.
  • One-time project.
  • Monthly Retainer.

All these models have different pricing features. The following table will make it easy to sort your pricing expectations:

Pricing Model Price Range
Hourly Around $100-$150 an hour
Performance-Based The average cost varies according to the expertise
Monthly Retainer Around $500-$1,000 per month
One-Time Project Around $500-$1,000 per campaign or project



All this info sums up about everything you need to know about pricing details of Search Engine Optimization for your small business this year. Keeping your employer brand, pricing model, and monthly costs into consideration, choose the SEO solution that suits your business the best.

Good luck!

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