A lot of Covid-19 antibody test kits are available, and most kits go for about £69. These antibody test kits require the user to take the blood sample at home then send it to an accredited laboratory for testing.

Although, some of the available Covid-19 antibody home test kits which uses fingerprick blood sample are not reliable in identifying people that have been previously infected with the coronavirus.

What is an antibody test?

An antibody test is known as a serological test. It is a test that can detect the presence of antibodies that the body produces to fight against a particular infection. The private antibody test for Covid-19 can detect if a person has had the virus before and has recovered. The test makes use of a device that pricks the finger for blood and, tests the blood for coronavirus antibodies to see if the body has already gained immunity against the virus.

The widely used corona swab test only checks if a person is currently infected, not if they had the virus in the past. The swab test usually takes a longer time for the result to be ready.

The available antibodies test miss up to one-third of positive coronavirus cases and should not be completely relied on. Elecsys laboratory-based test, which requires a blood sample taken by a health professional and involves analysis using the blood serum is more reliable.

What is an antigen test?

An antigen test detects the presence of only antigens in the body. The antigen is a component of the virus that triggers the immune system to produce antibodies that will fight off the virus. Antigens can be detected in the blood of an infected person even before antibodies can be detected.

Antigen tests are more effective than antibodies test because the body may take a few days to produce antibodies after an individual is infected, but the antigen can be detected immediately after infection. The antigen test can identify an infected person earlier than an antibody test. Antigen test is mostly used in the diagnosis of HIV, malaria and flu.

Who can get a coronavirus home test?

The coronavirus on-the-spot tests which can give result in 20 minutes are yet to be approved, but they should be available to everyone when the test kits have passed all the set trials.

How much would the test cost?

There has been no official set cost for the test, but when these tests are approved, they would be affordable for everyone to get. However, some companies sell their fingerprick test for about £6.

Who makes the coronavirus test?

A company in Derby makes a fingerprick test that takes about 10 minutes for the result to be ready. The test is about 98% accurate in identifying infected persons.

How does the test kit for Covid-19 work?

After the blood sample is collected, it is added to a sample well then 2 – 3 drops of the buffer is added to it. The result can be read in about 15 minutes.

The test strip has three lines- the one for control (C), immunoglobulin G (G), and immunoglobulin M (M).

A negative result shows only the control line. A positive result with only the M and C line means that the coronavirus IgM antibody was detected while a positive result that shows only the control and M line means that the coronavirus IgG antibody was detected. If the C, G, and M line shows for a positive result, it means that the coronavirus IgM and IgG antibodies were detected.

How many people are being tested for coronavirus?

Thousands of people have been tested for coronavirus in the UK. This includes those tested with the swab tests, antibody tests, and antibody test.

These tests are necessary to help know those who have developed immunity to the virus and help people return to their regular lives.

You can call Blood London on 020 71830244 to get more information on Covid-19 antibody home test kit.

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