Mental wellbeing is very important. It determines all other practices that make up an individual’s life. To lead a happy and healthy life you need to maintain good mental wellbeing. The importance of mental wellbeing starts from birth or even during pregnancy.

As whatever a human experiences from a very young age, that experience determines what happens in their life from then onwards. The mother has to keep very important practices starting from her pregnancy and as the child grows up to ensure that he or she develops good mental health.


During pregnancy, mothers are advised to go for relaxed walks, as it is not only good for their physical health but also their mental health. Pregnant mothers should not expose themselves to unpleasant situations that could disturb the mental health of the baby she is carrying. And the pregnant mother has to read pleasant and calming stories and also listen to relaxing music.


Once a baby is born and both mother and baby are healthy, they can go for walks together. The mother can walk slowly and buy bugaboo prams, so both mother and baby can have a nice and calm evening. You can get high quality equipment that makes travelling with the baby easy, that are made so comfortable for the child and efficient for the parents to handle. These equipment can be bought from baby or children stores, or even ordered online. It is good to buy items of good quality so it’s safe for the child and also can be used for a long time.


bugaboo prams
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As the child grows up, you can take the child to start slowly walking at a park, on the walk path or even the grass. Eventually encouraging them to start playing in the park. They can either play with the others playing or they can play by themselves, with a ball maybe. If your child has siblings, all of them can get together and play together. This will also help in building a strong relationship between the siblings helping them to grow up with positive attitudes towards each other.

Importance of physical activity

It is important to allow children to engage in physical activity since they are very young. And also to participate in such activities with children of their age. This is important as it helps them in developing skills of team work and all other skills necessary to work together with other people. This is a very important phase in children’s life and should be given attention at all times. Children should not be pampered and spoilt with attention and care.

But they should be taught how to handle difficult situations and taught what is right and wrong. How parents mold their children when their small determines who they live are face life when they are adults. It is therefore a huge responsibility parents have towards their children. And the parents owe this to them, as that is what they expect from their parents. Parents should spend time with their children and also carry healthy conversations and understand their children and help them in improving their mind power and behaviours.

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