Would you have ever thought that there would come a day when you can buy google products? Google started off as the first-ever internet search engine with information about literally anything that you type in. The company moved on to diversifying its portfolio around a little over a decade ago specializing in what we would refer to as internet-related products and services. Google launched its own software called Chrome OS, provides cloud computing and online advertising services, and eventually rolled out its own hardware too – i.e. smart devices.

Given that Google is the search engine to this day, it is easy to say people blindly trust the company. However that may not entirely be the case considering people prefer other software over the Chrome OS for instance. Similarly saying that their smart devices are the best, can also be a statement that depends from person to person. There are hundreds of different brands out there with their own versions of smart products and devices.

That does not mean Google’s Smart devices are any less good. Here are a few smart devices that are definitely worthy of buying for your home.

Google Nest Cam

A smart and discreet security camera for indoors as well as outdoors, the Nest Cam is what you’ll want in your home whether it is for security purposes or just to stay in touch with the family and your pet while you’re away.

With HD video and night vision you can watch over your home straight from your smartphones and tablets through the Google Home app. These cameras sport two-way audio meaning you can hear what’s happening in the video and even speak to whoever is at the other end, along with the ability to differentiate between an animal, an object and a person. Get real-time notifications and alerts whenever your camera picks up on audio or senses any motion within its 130 degree, wide angle view.

Nest Cams as we mentioned are suitable for indoors and outdoors and are even available in battery-operated (wireless) options. The outdoor cams can withstand any weather condition too.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart thermostats have been replacing standard thermostats over the past few years. The Google Nest Learning thermostat is a brilliant smart thermostat that may be a bit pricey but is worth the money and here’s why.

Smart thermostats have been designed to automate and save energy in the process, and the Nest Learning thermostat does just that. Independent studies have shown that the Nest Learning thermostat helped reduce an average of around 10% to 12% in heating bills, and around 15% on cooling bills; meaning its price is justified considering results are visible with a decline in utility bills overtime.

As its name suggests, the Nest Learning Thermostat quite literally learns your preferred temperature settings and adjusts itself accordingly throughout the day. The device can even be controlled through the Google Home app, allowing you to have remote, wireless access from practically anywhere you are.

Using location tracking and motion detection the Nest Learning thermostat can turn itself down when no one’s around, or switch to an Eco-Friendly mode. The Eco-Friendly mode is featured by a little leaf that appears on the device when you choose a temperature from the category. The Nest Learning thermostat also delivers an energy history for you to view when and what affected your energy usage.

Google Nest Hello

What’s better than a regular video doorbell? The Nest Hello of course! A smart video doorbell like no other, the Nest Hello boasts a sleek design with a full, head to toe view and a wide angle for you to see practically everything outside – from one corner to the next.

Answer your door from your smartphone, tablets and even a compatible voice assistant. The Nest Hello’s video feed is accessible to watch 24/7, and features two-way audio so you canliterally answer your door from your smartphone from wherever you are. Get alerts whenever the bell rings, and even when it doesn’t! The Nest Hello includes built in motion detectors that can sense movement and immediately alert you to someone’s presence.

With a subscription to Nest Aware, you can unlock several more features, including that of your camera being able to differentiate between a person and an object – even facial recognition.

Google Wi-Fi Router

Did you ever think Google would launch its own Wi-Fi Router? Not us, however there does exist a Google Wi-Fi Router and it’s going to be one that you’ll want to get for your home after reading this.

The Google Wi-Fi blankets your home in seamless coverage, enough to get rid of the buffering and lagging issues, as well eliminate dead zones that once existed. It can provide coverage to up to 1500 square feet, whereas adding two additional Wi-Fi points can expand the coverage to 4500 square feet.

Here’s what is possible with the Google Wi-Fi Router. It is not like any other ordinary Wi-Fi router – it features remote control access via the Google Home app that allows you to restrict content and access to certain devices connected to the router, and prioritize the ones that are first when it comes to receiving the fastest speeds.

Google may have been the beloved search engine for the longest time, but it is time we recognize that it is more than just that. Its smart devices can compete with any other in the market so rest assured you won’t be disappointed with any of the above mentioned ones.

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