Jujutsu Kaisen’s main character is Gojo Satoru. He is a well-known sorcerer and well-known among both the sorcerer community and the curses. He is often referred to as the most powerful and dangerous sorcerer alive. 

Gojo, despite his strong reputation, is quite a cheerful man. He is tall and lean. His silver hair is often spiked due to the bandage around his eyes. He often wears a blue outfit and pointed black shoes. After a few episodes, his eyes were only revealed. He finally removes the bandage after a fight with Jogou. Gojo Satoru is a beautiful blue-eyed man with long, white lashes. He has been a popular male character since his debut in anime.

Gojo in Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College

In his teens, Gojo looked a lot the same. He is now seen with sunglasses and not bandages, which is a marked difference from the present. He seemed to be friendly with his friends and seemed to have won everyone’s trust. He would always pull Getou’s leg. The two are often seen in a nit-picking relationship where they roast each other occasionally.

Gojo As An Adult

Gojo Satoru is a calm and collected person. He is meticulous even in dangerous situations. He is compassionate towards all people, but he does not show mercy to curses. He can be seen exercising curses with no second thought and is willing to sacrifice if necessary.

Gojo Satoru’s Skills

We are constantly amazed by Gojo’s powerful and cool set of skills, which we see introduced in the manga. He is fast and has strong reflexes. Additionally, he can repeatedly create domain expansions while other sorcerers cannot. He can also fly and teleport in seconds. His cursed energy, which he inherits from the Gojo clan gives him the ability to manipulate space. These are the Jujutsu skills of Gojo Satoru, as revealed in manga up to the most recent chapter.

Mukagen. Mukagen, also known as “Limitless” (in the translated version), is the technique that he inherited from his Gojo bloodline. This is what he revealed to Jogou as a fight partner. Mukagen allowed Gojo to manipulate space and allowed him to use multiple techniques to gain an advantage in battles.

Mugen. Mukagen allows Gojo the ability to manipulate space as it stands, but Mugen allows him to see things in slow-motion. Gojo explains that Mugen’s true principle (called Infinity in English translation) is understood by the Achilles Tortoise. This skill is very reliable and allows Gojo to not only avoid attacks but also manipulate them. Jogou attempts to incinerate Gojo but is stunned to see him alive. Gojo however explains that he hit the “infinity” between, explaining the perplexing curse.

Jutsushiki Junten (Ao). He can use limitless to create multiple convergences that allow him to increase his skills and cursed energy. He can turn impossible situations into reality with this power. He creates powerful magnetic effects while doing so.

Jutsushiki Hanten (Aka). This skill is the opposite of Jutsushiki Junten’s: Ao. This technique manipulates the divergence and infinity using positive cursed energy. These techniques produce the same result, except that Jutsushiki Hanten has twice as much impact: Aka. This is what Gojo does against Jogou.

Kyoshiki Murasaki. Gojo blends his red and blue techniques to send purple cursed energy at his target. It is so powerful that it can destroy everything in its path. It can exorcize any curse within its reach. This technique was used to exorcise Hanami at a distance during the most recent episode.

Rokugan (Six Eyes). This is Gojo Satoru’s most powerful skill. It is still unknown what the true nature
of this skill is. It has been shown that Rokugan can see past the limitations of Jujutsu and identify their potential. Rokugan, in addition to being an accelerator for his cursed energy, also supports his skill, Mukagen.

Gojo’s Covered Eyes. Gojo keeps his eyes closed all day. It is not clear why. There are, however, plausible explanations. He must ensure that his opponent knows as little as possible about the techniques of his jujutsu so that he has the upper hand in a fight. If one reveals his strategy, it could lead to serious problems.

Another theory suggests that he may have covered his eyes to shield himself and others from his cursed energy. Gojo Satoru is cursed with a lot of energy. Six Eyes are left unrevealed, which could cause serious damage to Gojo if he loses his control. Six Eyes could have some flaws, much like Inugami’s speech curse.

Six Eyes still has much to reveal. Fan theories are the best way to address the growing curiosity until Akutami clarifies Six Eyes’ true potential.

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