Gmail is Google’s very own email service and does not have a cost. It can be accessed on both the internet and on mobile devices through the app.

Previously, users were using software developed by third-party developers and firms which helped synchronize email content via POP or IMAP protocols.

Gmail started first as a limited beta release on April 1, 2004 and ended its testing phase on July 7, 2009.

In both the United States and other parts of the globe, Gmail is in common usage.

Comcast is its main competitor in the United States and is one of the most popular internet service providers (ISPs) there too.

It also provides free email accounts to customers subscribing for it through their services.

Comcast email supports all major email programs that are on the internet. It is also used for many secure and non-secure POP3 emails.

If a person wishes to use Comcast’s Xfinity email accounts, they must have a Xfinity Comcast email account through POP.

For those who are not aware of what POP3 is, it is one of the oldest protocols in the internet message access system.

It is also normally preferred as a reliable email client.

  • With POP, all the emails can be downloaded easily on computers. Thus, users can read their emails without having the need to log on to the internet.
  • Users can also open any attachment they want to with relative ease. Once open, the files can be downloaded without any hurdle.
  • POP also helps clear up storage space on the mail server.
  • There is also no limit to the maximum size limit when it comes to emails. Though, it all depends on the space present in the hard drive.

A brief comparison of both

Both Gmail and Comcast email provides more than just email services. Gmail vs Comcast – A brief reviewfor telecommunications and the internet. Google has numerous tech products offering productivity and organizational solutions. It also offers business and tech tools in cloud storage, email, and other organizational tools.

Let us now have a brief comparison of both Comcast and Gmail in email services.

How much does each cost?

Comcast email accounts often require a subscription from users.

For internet, phone and cable service, users must pay for at least one of these services. The company also makes each service available independently available or bundled with other services.

Gmail, on the other hand, is a free service and it requires access from an internet service provider. Businesses subscribed to Comcast’s services can opt-in continuing using this service so they can consolidate their costs.

Tools offered by both

Businesses already subscribed to Comcast’s phone services can access their web & voice mail online easily from their Comcast account.

Similarly, a Comcast email account also offers 1.75 gigabytes in storage.

On the other hand, Gmail offers 10 gigabytes for each account and it also integrates with other Google services such as text, video chat, phone calls, and storage space. Google offers a full range of such solutions at nominal charges.

Specialties they both offer

Comcast and Gmail both offer dedicated email services for business.

Comcast’s business class service offers a Microsoft Outlook account, an email service that is accessible on both the web & Microsoft’s email network platform.

Businesses having a Gmail account through Google’s business services will receive more storage space, a customized email domain, all powered by Gmail itself (25GB of inbox space is more than reasonable).

Both companies charge additional charges for business services provided.

Account services

By subscribing for a Comcast webmail account, users receive a primary email address and six secondary email addresses (they can be assigned to colleagues if it is a business package).

In comparison, a Gmail account gives users only a primary email account. If they have paid for additional business services, then they get more.

With a Gmail account; users get a free account on Google+ (Google’s social network).

Google advertises a Google+ account as a method of sharing private information and having video meetings with coworkers.

It also offers another way for people to communicate with clientele and the like.


In comparison, Comcast may sound attractive, but it cannot beat Google easily because of not just Google’s popularity but also due to the top-class quality of service Google has offered. Gmail is becoming far more useful than Comcast’s email services. Though Comcast is an All American classic brand and still has subscribers, Google is ahead of it.

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