Every aspect of our life needs a bit of touching up once in a while. Most of us don’t blink twice when we run into that perfect piece of clothing we’ve always wanted to own. The same can be applied to our home and the existing decor. We’ve been spending all this time indoors because of the pandemic and the trend won’t go away anytime soon. That’s why we should rethink our existing interior style and add a bit of class. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be right. In case you don’t know how to start, read on, and find all the answers you might need.

The planning stage

Don’t just wish you could change your decor, start planning your steps. Prep your house just like you would do if your friends were coming over. Then, take some pics of the existing layout. Transfer them on your computer and edit the photos to mark those things you wish to change and which you want to keep. Make a list of things you wish to do and prioritize those that are the easiest to update without breaking the budget. 

Afterward, do some research to learn about new trends and objects that are available at nearby stores. Make a list of objects you consider elegant and within your budget and plan on how to incorporate them into your decor. It’s important you have an outline of things you wish to change so you’ll be able to move on to the next steps.

Revive the vibe with some paint

The best way to begin your home makeover is to revive the color of the walls. We have so many colors to choose from, so why stick to the same old color palette? Even if you decide to paint your colors white, you will definitely give your home a touch of luxury. This might be the best choice if you don’t know how many things you wish to change. White goes with any other color palette so you won’t make a bad choice later on. The main point of a paint job is to make your home look fresh, vibrant and clean so you’ll have a blank canvas to add other details along the way.

Out with the old

This third step is directly linked to the planning stage. You’ve already made a list of things you want to get rid of in your home decor. After you finish painting your living room and reach the stage of putting back the furniture, you’ll see which pieces no longer fit. If you get emotionally attached to objects, this will make it easier for you to break away from old and outdated. Also, if you decide to give your old pieces of furniture to those in need, you’ll help someone and know that someone will love it just like you did. Remove those objects that feel like something you’ve outgrown or that don’t exude the sense of luxury you wish to achieve.

In with the new

When you part ways with objects you’ve outgrown, it’s time to introduce something new. Mind you, don’t rush into buying new furniture just because you don’t have a sofa to sit on. You can sit on a chair until you buy the sofa you like. Elegance takes time to build so check out all stores in your town. Don’t ignore second-hand furniture stores because you might find a real gem you saw on Pinterest or other sources of inspiration. But, whatever you choose to buy, make sure it creates cohesion with other furniture pieces. Pick fabrics that go well together and colors that complement each other. Don’t be afraid to go bold, and have mismatched furniture as long as the fabrics and colors exude elegance.

Make the details classy, not cheap

True elegance is in carefully assorted details. Always go for something that is uniquely beautiful to you and that has its perfect place in your home. If you go for something typical and cheaply looking, it won’t stand out as the perfect detail. Instead, it will just blend in and you’ll have just another trinket that is a dust magnet. Focus on antiques with intricate details, great coffee table literature, figurines, fresh flowers, interesting lamps, and other amazing details.

Make your living room look elegant with the right window treatment

Windows need some tender and loving care especially when we choose window treatments. It’s not something you should leave to chance and get something okay looking just because you need to cover them up eventually. Window treatments like curtains or double roller blinds are the details you seek to make your room visually larger or simply elegant. Take stock of your current window treatments and find the right replacements to give your living room a touch of class, preserve your privacy and drown outside noise. 

Add a statement light fixture

Light fixtures are necessary because you can’t rely on natural light to light up your room. So, you can treat them like another set of details that will make your space look luxurious and beautiful. Going for a statement light fixture should be your goal. It can be a new floor lamp ideal for a reading nook. A chandelier can be a focal point as well, so pick one that will flow easily with other decor elements. Wall sconces are an ideal choice if you need some accent light fixtures to use in the evening or during quiet movie time. Either way, changing one of the existing light fixtures in your home can be just the touch of luxury you need.

Use a mirror to your advantage

Mirrors, both small or large, can upgrade the vibe of any room. Especially if you want to make a statement, choosing a decorative window for your living room can be just like a missing piece to a puzzle. It will complete the room in an inexpensive way and even add more light to the room. If square footage allows it, you can make a wall mirror by mixing a number of mirrors in different sizes. If you have an empty wall to decorate, don’t think twice about putting a mirror on it to light up the room. But, when you do, pay attention to what is reflected in it. Make sure it’s something beautiful and elegant.

Create a personal nook

Adding new sections to your home will definitely revive old and boring decor. At this point of the decoration, look at your place carefully to find an empty corner or a piece of a blank wall. It has to be large enough to fit in a cozy chair and an accent table. If you don’t have space for this, don’t cram the area unnecessarily. But if you do have an awkward corner or simply an empty one, transform it. Turn it into a reading space or a personal space. You can also decorate the accent table with three objects to create cohesion and use the available space. Decorative pillows or a thrower can elevate the chair or an armchair.

Update the knobs on furniture

Knobs on furniture shouldn’t be forgotten when you decide to work on your existing decor. This might be the easiest upgrade because you won’t have to change the entire kitchen or wardrobes to change how they fit into your updated decor. There’s a variety of knobs and handles out there so you won’t have any issues with finding the right ones. If you want to make them look luxurious, go for something gold, silver or copper plated.

Repaint the cabinets

When we’re already discussing ways to update the kitchen, we might as well discuss repainting them. If you already plan on changing the knobs and other hardware, you can change the color of the cabinets. Or, if the colors in the kitchen are neutral, change to something bold. If the existing palette is bold, do the opposite and go back to something neutral. 


Giving your home a touch of class and making it look sleek, cosy, and elegant, won’t be difficult if you know where to start. These 13 tips will help you find your ideal design and update your boring decor to something you find exciting and luxurious.

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