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Billiards also referred as cue sports. It refers to a kind of ball game played on a cloth-enclosed surface and striking a ball using a Billiard Cue stick. The table is bordered by buffers that avert the ball from falling off.

There are a diverse range of terms, tactics, and variations that must be. Conversely, it is going to be so much entertaining to play a Billiard game using a Billiard Cue. Various categories of Billiard games are:


  • Snooker: This is the most popular Billiard game played with 22 different colored balls, a snooker table and a Billiard Cue stick. The 22 balls includes 15 red colored balls that are of one point worth and 6 multi colored that are worth increasing number of points and a Billiard Cue ball. A snooker table is larger than a standard pool table but contains 6 pockets. The plays have to target red colored balls before targeting the different colored balls. 



  • Straight Pool: This Billiard game is played with a total of 16 balls that include 7 solid balls, 7 striped balls, 1 eight ball and a Billiard Cue ball. Here you can target any of the balls on the table, regardless of the type of ball. The main thing to remember is that you should call the ball that you want to pocket on every shot. You can score one point for each shot and a game can be played up to 150 points. The balls required to be re-racked whenever you fail to score the point.



  • American Style 8-Ball: This Billiard game is played with a total of 16 balls. The distribution of the balls is same as Straight pool Billiard Game. The difference from the above mentioned game is that you will be assigned either striped or solid balls after the break depending upon the type of ball scored first and to become a winner you have to sink all the balls and then target on 8 numbered ball.


  • Carom: This Billiard game contains 3 balls on the table including a red ball, an object ball and a white cue ball for each one payer. It is played on a table with no pockets. To achieve a point, you have to bounce back your Billiard Cue ball off the object ball and your adversary’s ball in one shot.


Here are some tips to help you make the transition of Balls in a Billiard game using a Billiard Cue stick:

Pay Attention Towards Yours Stance: Stand in such a manner so that you can maintain an excellent balance along with a power to shoot the balls properly. Prepare your mind such that your positivity helps you score well in the game instead of failing to deliver the accurate amount of force to the Billiard Cue.  

Start By Practicing Easier Shots: You must practice easy shots first to get an accurate command over the difficult ones. This is because the best improvement comes from seeing how everything works together instead of in isolation. 

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