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This is the era when one can see new technology coming to market with every rise of sun. Many of these technologies have immense use in the coming days. One of these technology is blockchain which has a bright future. The blockchain companies India have a number of projects where it can be used and the range of the services for the same is still increasing. From hospitals to government and revenue to finance it has a wide use in coming days. There is hardly any field which will be spared by this technology in coming days.

Blockchain is a growing technology that has got much attention from the experts across the field. The blockchain technology providers try to offer the services to a large section of the society which can ease not only record-keeping of particular transaction but also help to prevent fraud and misuse of various information as well as fraudulent movement in data. They work on different aspects of the technology with the help of which the document or transaction can chained in a sequence and no misrepresentation of the same is possible within two blocks. Hence the data is kept safe and no one can manipulate the same intentionally or unintentionally.

The technology:

This technology though looks simple but it has a huge role to play. In many cases people see that the data or documents are created as per the sequence. The users need to provide various details in the link of the previously loaded detail only and hence the whole chain is created with the blocks of the information. No one is allowed to make any change in the sequence of the block or even data provided in any specific block. Hence it creates a series of data that can provide true picture of a particular data.

How does it work?

If the function of the blockchain is seen one can check that for every input of data there is space provided and only authorized people can have access to input the data. Hence it is a completely secured system for various data. As per the rule of the blockchain one can enter a new data but cannot change or manipulate an old one and hence in any case one can see the past of a data easily. The nature of data can vary as per the information. In case of medical, one can see the pathology reports, medicines, records of past surgery etc which is in relation to the health of an individual. As per the overall report an expert can know if the patient can be provided with particular medicines or not. In case of insurance the company can know if the health of the person is good enough to offer desired level of coverage or it can be a risk for the service provider. In case of land record one can know what the last status of the land was and who own it presently. One can also know if there is any issue related to the ownership and possession or not.

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