Rigid boxes are a common type of packaging, also called set-up boxes. They are four times harder than the average packaging or carton. These boxes are not printed directly and are usually wrapped in a desired paper or fabric according to the need and demands of the customer. As the name suggests, rigid boxes are sturdy and not easily bendable. There is a tremendous amount of variation a customer can make in rigid boxes. They come in all the dimensions, printing options, material, coating, die-cutting, and styles. It starts as a sheet of chipboard in mostly grey or off-white. The sheets are cut in its correct shape and size using the dies and then scored for folding in the desired way. Sides of the boxes are folded up on the scored lines and taped for securing the box in place. The boxes are then wrapped in a paper or fabric of choice. Rigid boxes contain a base and a lid. These boxes are categorized by the style and type of the top as a tray, partial cover, clamshell box, slipcase box, and many more. It gives buyers the freedom to customize their boxes for anything according to the need. Pharmacy rigid boxes are designed in a way to protect the medicines from delivery, storage, retail display, or any type of mishandling until it is handed over to the customer. Boxes for pharmacy are made from some of the most hardened material in the packaging industry to provide necessary protection to the delicate medicines. These boxes have custom cushions cut in the shapes that can fit the medication to offer support and save them from breaking or leaking. Not only the protection it also increases the quality of the brand and gives them a luxurious feel.

There are a few things everyone should know about pharmacy rigid boxes.


It is key to design pharmacy rigid boxes. You need to ask yourself a few questions to determine if you need a rigid box for your pharmacy. The most important things to consider are:

  • Will this packaging provide the necessary protection to your product?
  • Will, it cost you less or more than the one you are using right now?
  • Will this packaging make it easier for you to get and deliver to the final user?
  • Will this packaging define the values and brand’s reputation in the market?

Asking yourself these questions at the start will help you in choosing the right style and type of rigid boxes packaging as it is impossible not to go for them while keeping in view the advantages and benefits. You can create the right product if you know what you need because, without the aim in mind, no one can achieve the goal.

Purpose of the pharmacy boxes

Planning all the other things, keep in mind the purpose of the rigid boxes for medicines. They are used to keep the medication safe and sound without any breakage and leakage inside the boxes. Remember the amount of the product which will go into the box and fits perfectly. These boxes must be made shockproof by inserting the cushions for the medicines with glass containers, keeping the medication in place and provide more organized sorting.


You must know about the product before you buy, order, or design it for yourself or a brand. Rigid pharmaceutical boxes come in all the dimensions and styles so never hesitate to experiment or create something new, what you have always dreamed of. Custom pharmacy rigid boxes are made according to the demand and choice of the customer. Oh, wait! That is why it’s called customized. Take your time to think about the colors, material to wrap it with, glossy, matte, soft-touch, whatever you want. There are a lot of options for a window cut out boxes, foam inserts, magnetic and ribbons closures, pillows, and silk pouches. Create what goes best with your brand and gives you a warm feeling looking at it.

Easy to use

Rigid boxes come in all the types of lids and base style, which makes it more efficient in usage. Medicine packaging is something that needs to be designed very carefully. It should be printed in a way that makes it easier for the patient to read and understand the usage of the medicine or gadget they are using. The boxes must be easy to open if the product is to be used frequently for convenience.  Always try to opt for comfortable packaging as the book style rigid boxes or top flip boxes for medicine. Most pharmaceuticals are using rigid boxes as they fulfill all the needs without less effort. Standard packaging boxes may be cheap, but they are not able to provide proper protection resulting in the damage of the product. I say it is better to spend some extra bucks to avoid the damage and increase the value of the overall product.

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