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The internet has a lot of apps, both for fun and being productive too. However, out of all these apps, one app that still people search for is the best lie detector app, and there it goes which is used for detecting the truth and lies told by the people out there! It is a fact that we cannot trust people these days, whether they are true to their words or are just lying everything about things. Of course, such an app, would be very helpful when it comes to knowing the truth or if we want to detect their words if it’s right or not!

Here we have mentioned almost every single detail about such apps that are available on the Google Play store, Apple store, and other third party online stores as well.

Best Lie Detector Apps

We have listed down all the best lie detector apps that are available on the internet that you can download right away and just start using the preferred one.

  • Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Test
  • Lie Detector Face test prank
  • Lie Detector Simulator
  • Lie Detector
  • BioDigital Lie Detector
  • Why you lying?
  • Lie Detector Free
  • Lie Detector Prank
  • Finger Lie Detector
  • Verity

All these above mentioned apps are just the best ones available in the Google play store and apple app store and are of course trending too.

Features and Benefits of Lie Detector app

Well, when it comes to using such an app, features and characteristics are a lot important and one has to make sure that the certain app has got such important and basic features that would be beneficial for sure.

  • All these apps that are mentioned above and that are available on Google play store and apple app store are totally free of cost and can be downloaded just like any other app.
  • Amazing interface and an exciting dashboard is all up for the users, as it provides an easy navigation and details too.
  • Graphics, voice and sound quality are another best features that can be found in these listed and the trending lie detector app.
  • Easy to use and does not grab up more space and internet usage as well.
  • Fingerprint scanner and scanning features are all available in these apps that are mentioned.


Hence, as mentioned above, you can simply download and install any of these apps on your device and start using or probably start pranking people around!

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