A baby stroller is a necessary piece of equipment that every parent need. However, picking the right stroller is trickier than you may think as there are so many types and brands available in the market, it can be overwhelming for the parents to know where to start. The truth is any Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certified stroller would be enough to fulfil the purpose of a stroller. Still, it is essential to keep the things like age, size, lifestyle in mind to choose the best option. After all, it’s about your little one’s comfort, and he deserves the best. But the question is how? That’s exactly where we come in. Using our expertise and research on baby strollers, here’s a well-curated guide that has all the information you need to pick the right stroller for your baby.

1. Budget: 

The first and foremost step is to decode a budget before you visit any baby shop’s store. The basic baby stroller ranges from $180 and goes all way up to $2000 for the ultimate joyride stroller wagon. So decide how much you can spend on a baby stroller by keeping your lifestyle, affordability and future needs in mind. However, it’s strictly not recommended to save money and purchase a low-priced, noncertified baby stroller as your kid’s protection and comfortability depends on it. Even though there are many baby strollers you can choose from, one of the popular stroller companies is the Wonderfold stroller wagon that provides high-quality stroller wagons at very affordable prices and free shipping for all continental US orders.

2. Age and Size: 

After setting up a budget, another important element that you should consider is the age of your baby and for what duration you’re thinking of keeping that stroller. Because some strollers are only suitable for newborns and not convertible, that means you cannot convert them as your baby grows older. In addition to that seat, recline is also crucial if you’re looking for your newborn baby as he cannot sit without support during his early months. So, you need to make sure that the stroller you’re choosing, its seat has any attachment, or it can be reclined.

3. Your lifestyle:

The choice of baby stroller can completely vary as per your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re a working couple who need to travel frequently, then you should look for a lightweight stroller that can easily be carried in and out of the car without much hassle. Also, what mode of transportation do you use? Do you use a private car or use public transport. Are you living in a city with developed roads or in the countryside with bumpy ones? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to select the right type of stroller for your little one. As if you’re only buying a stroller for taking your baby out in the neighbourhood walks, you can get the full-size stroller.

4. Number of babies:

In case you’re having twins or already have a baby in your family, or even planning to have another kid in the coming years, it can help you pick the right stroller. There are convertible strollers available in the market; you can convert them to accommodate more than one kid. Or you can also get a wagon stroller to accommodate three or more kids.

5. Types of Strollers:

There are several types of strollers, each having certain features that you might like to compare before to help you pick the best one according to your needs. The most popular types of strollers include;

  • Lightweight stroller
  • Car seat stroller
  • Convertible stroller
  • Jogging stroller
  • Double Stroller
  • Travel Stroller 
  • Wagon Stroller

6. Accessories and features:

Don’t forget about the accessories and features of strollers before choosing any stroller. For example, some of the accessories and features include;

  • Canopy: The canopy is the shade feature of the stroller. You need to see if the stroller you’re thinking to buy is UPF-rated or not. Will it save your baby skin from the damaging UV rays of the sun.
  • Brakes: If you’re someone who would like to take your baby jogging to the park, the break feature is a must for you. Jogging strollers come with a built-in braking system. In the other types, you might need to install them.
  •  Storage: How much storage you would need in the baby stroller is another important feature that might help you to decide on the right stroller. Some stroller has a big compartment to store baby essentials and travel accessories.
  • Foldable: Not all strollers are foldable. If you’re someone who travels a lot or have less space at the house, you would like to get an easily foldable feature stroller.
  • Convertible: The convertible stroller allows you to add more seats to it or change it as your baby grows older.
  • Suspension system: Suspension is a vital element of the strollers. Not all strollers are equipped with high-quality suspension systems. Jogging and wagon strollers, for example, has a great suspension system attached to the tires.
  • Snacks and cup holder tray: Last but not least, the snack and cup holding tray is a feature that no one would like to miss.

Final thoughts:

Buying a stroller is a great investment that should be made after a proper thought process. So, pay attention to the discussed details, and you’ll be able to pick the right stroller that suits you and your baby.

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