Enjoy the Rhythms of Fado and Slopes of Sintra on Portugal Holidays


Bordered by the azure Atlantic Ocean and Spain, Portugal is a great holiday destination in Europe. Furthermore, the archipelagos of Azores and Madeira provide more enchantment, excitement, and enjoyment. The territory of Portugal faced many invasions since pre-historic times. Hence, Portugal is also home to several historical sites, ancient remnants and is also an amalgam of several cultures. Above all, the year-round sunny weather, fantastic beaches, and spectacular sceneries lure millions of visitors every year. And also, the verdant valleys and magnificent mountains dotted with hidden villages make Portugal one of the most sought-after holiday getaways not only in Europe but also in the world. Subsequently, the boat tours, dolphin watching, and water sports expand your horizon of joy in Portugal. Finally, enjoy the rhythms of Fado, the charming traditions, and the delicious cuisine of Portugal.

Discover Lisbon on Tram 28

 The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon captivates one and all with its old-world charm, lively music, and delicious cuisine. Experience the glorious and turbulent past of Lisbon by walking along the alleyways of the old town. Take tram 28 to discover the gems of this city in comfort and at a reasonable price. Furthermore, explore more of Lisbon with the segway tours, tuk-tuk tours, and street art tours. Get enriched with Lisbon’s history with a guided walking tour in the old town of Alfama. A short tram ride away from Lisbon, Belem is a great area to explore on a holiday. Staring at the seafront and standing at the mouth of the Tagus River, the Tower of Belem is the iconic attraction in Lisbon. This structure with Gothic and Moorish architecture, tells the fruitful seafaring stories of Portugal including Vascodagama’s.

Artificial Lagoon at Lisbon Oceanarium

Located on the estuary of river Tagus, Lisbon Oceanarium is a great spot to spend with your kids and family. Explore the rich marine life and coral reefs in the oceanarium and enjoy pedaling at the artificial boating lagoon. Moreover, discover the prowess of Portugal shown on India, Srilanka and South China Seaduring renaissance times at Museu do Oriente

Discover Portugal on the Slopes of Sintra

Close to the capital of Lisbon, Sintra is a top tourist destination in Portugal. The fortified walls, magnificent palaces, spectacular mountainous slopes and wonderful waves of sea lure world tourists to Sintra. Sitting pretty on a peak, Pena Palace looks straight out from a fairy tale. Built by King Fernando II, this colorful Palace should be a must in Portugal’s itinerary. Moreover, this UNESCO designated site is a great place to click picture-perfect snaps to take Portugal’s memories back home. The 9th century Castle of Moors is another great site to visit while getting around Sintra. Fortified on Sintra Mountains, the castle’s main structure is revamped. One can reach this castle by bus or a hike. The exotic views of pine trees and the city of Sintra look ravishing from this castle.

More importantly, complete your exploration of castles by visiting the UNESCO designated Monserrate Palace. Here, the rich mix of Anglo, Indian and Arab architecture looks captivating on Holidays to Portugal. Housing a botanical garden, Monserrate Palace is a great place to take leisurely walks with families and rest after a hectic day of sightseeing. 

Bounce on the Beaches of Portugal

The shimmering coastline of Portugal provides pristinely peaceful beaches with golden sands as well as the wild wavesalong the windy Atlantic for the adrenaline junks. With beautiful climate and beauty amplified with rugged cliffs and rock formations, Portugal’s beaches offer activities for all seasons and ages. With panoramic views of Camarido forest and a long stretch of sands, Praia de Moledo is a spectacular beach on the north coast of Portugal. The strong waves and winds make it a perfect spot to kite surf. Surrounded by beautiful golden limestone cliffs and with plenty of secluded caves to explore, Praia de Marinha in the Algarve region is one of the most attractive beaches in Portugal. Here, the wonderfully formed sea stacks look so captivating.

Visit the small town of Foz do Arelho to hit on one of the prettiest beaches of Portugal, Praia da Foz do Arelho. This is a great beach to spend peaceful times in the lagoon and also interact with the locals. Furthermore, visit the towns of Cascais, Tavira, and Albufeira to revel on the most beautiful beaches of Portugal. 

Few Unique Things to do only in Portugal

Apart from historical sites and beautiful beaches, Portugal boasts rich diversity on its mainland. The verdant valleys, lush green mountains, hidden villages and aesthetic estuaries of rivers offer a plethora of activities in Portugal. Just 20 minutes away from Lisbon, the estuary of the Tejo River provides a great spot for bird watching. Spot over 100 species of birds at this place. Furthermore, find Egyptian vulture and Bonelli’s eagle at the Douro International Natural Park. Whether you go by the seaside or venture out into the villages, cycling is the great thing to explore Portugal from close quarters.

Discover the magic of Portugal in Schist Villages

Discover the magical world in the Schist villages hidden in the mountain slopes. These are indeed perfect places to get into the roots of Portugal. Here, the age-old traditions, culture, and cuisine are a delight to explore on Portugal Holidays. Finally, take a map and follow the signboards for walking tours in Portugal. Indeed, a great way to delve more deeply into the sounds and smells of Portugal.


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