There are different promotional techniques for a specific product. Without promotion, the product cannot reach to its potential customers. So it is necessary to promote a product by opting different ways. Here we shall discuss a few of the ways through which you can promote your product.

Special offers:

         It is recommended to give special and exclusive offers to your customers because they are the people who will buy your product because of trust and reliability. Your customers will serve as a foundation of your business as they will disseminate your product offerings to family, friends, colleagues etc. You can even give your product to receive the feedback. So keep taking feedback of your designed products from the customers.

Introductory offer:

         The objective of promoting a product is to get attention of the customers. So it is recommended to launch a product with introductory offers that include discounts, buy one get one free, free gifts etc. The most important point to remember while announcing any offer is that you must make its span shorter so that people feel urgency to buy the product at a discounted rate otherwise the offer will end soon.

Social media contest:

         Social media platforms are emerging as one of the most common medium for launching the campaign for a product. Through social media, you can reach to different people that are likely to become your customers if campaign is successfully carried out. Research suggests that a Facebook campaign for a product usually produce 34% of the customers. In this way, every platform has certain audience that you can cater by running a campaign for your product. It is recommended to announce the commencement of campaign on all platforms along with social media.

Email marketing:

         Email marketing is considered as one of the reliable tools for marketing of a product. Research suggests that most of the people get to know about new products and offerings through email and are more inclined towards the medium of email. Business persons’ communication is all on email so they prefer email over other forums. People signup to your product because they want to get notifications and recent updates about the product. So it is recommended to email the updates of your product to the entire subscription list.

Blog posts:

         In order to engage the existing customers, blog writing about the product is an effective way. In the blog, you can write the product description, features and benefits.

Host an event:

         Hosting an event is a great way to build up the new customers. Events always excites people as there is always a fun part in the events. People from diverse backgrounds attend the event and explore the products. It is not necessary to organize a mega even by spending much money. You can arrange a simple event at a small location where people can come. As the world is facing COVID-19 so you can arrange a virtual event that includes Facebook live session or Question/Answer session.


         You can also upgrade your product by adding a new service in it.It will serve as a complimentary feature of your business. You can upgrade your business by offering free shipping to your customers. So you can try any method but that must be new and not previously tried in your business.


         You can allow trade-ins in the case when you have launched the service of a product that you have brought in before. In trade ins, your previous customers are allowed to bring in the tokens and get the benefit of taking service immediately.

Customer reviews:

         Research suggests that 80% of people get attracted to a product by reading the product reviews. So ask your customer to give the reviews either written or online. Build a loyal customer base that serves as a promotional team for you in terms of good reviews. These good reviews will bring more customers to you.

Facebook Ads:

         Nowadays, companies are utilizing Facebook ads for the promotion of their product and services. Facebook Ads builds a wide customer base of diverse people. While using Facebook Ads, you can take account of the gender, age, profession so that you get a specific audience.

Affiliate Marketing:

         Some business persons do not promote the product for not having a significant marketing budget. Affiliate marketing works in such a case when you are out of budget. It is such marketing in which you hire a person for the selling of a product. In return, the person gets the commission.

Press release:

         You can contact journalists for the promotion of your content in the form of press releases as many people rely on the medium of print media for getting updates about new products.


         You can go live on periscope for the promotion of your business though it has limited audience.

Search engine optimization:

         Search engine optimization is considered as one of the most effective techniques in bringing more traffic to the website. It is recommended to add backlinks to your content in order to get a wider reach.

Referral marketing:

         Referral marketing is also known as word of mouth marketing. In a gathering, when a group of people talk and promote a certain product or service then it is called referral marketing. It is one of the oldest techniques when there was no internet. Nowadays, referral marketing is being done on the web.

Reddit advertising:

         Most business persons do not try reddit but it can prove as one of the effective ways to promote the product. Make sure to add your product in the Reddit ads so that it can submerge with other posts. It will definitely increase the audience of your product.


         It is recommended to start working with an influencer in order to reach a wider audience. Influencer is the one who has a strong online presence with a large number of followers. So you can post your services and product on the influencer’s website and account. Research suggests that people are more likely to follow the recommendations given by the person whom they follow. Nowadays, you must have seen the celebrities endorsing a particular product or brand. They do so for the publicity of the product so that their followers get attracted by the product. In this way, your product gets the audience beyond imagination.


         You can make a video of your product in order to promote it among the masses. For making a video, you do not need a massive budget. You just need a camera, subject and the content. You can tell the story of your product in a funny way describing its making, benefits and features.

User experience:

         In any business, users of the service or product plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of a business. It is recommended to focus on the user and design a user centric product that meets the expectation of the end user. If you are running an online business, then the website must serve as a guiding medium for purchasing a product.


         It is recommended to have an editorial calendar that schedules the posting of content in a timely manner. For instance if you want to sell eyelash extension tweezers, then editorial calendar will let you know that when should you post the content about it.

Author Bio:   Hammad Awan is author of the above blog. He is doing computer science  from virtual university. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.

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