Development is taking place very quickly, and New advancements are taking place daily. They have become faster than ever before. The world has become a small village. Innovation and transformations are happening and are transferred from one to another in no time. 

Correspondingly, now media is becoming the centre factor in brisk changes all around the world. Now people’s life has become social, and they look on the web to search for the thing they want to know about, shop or get updates of the latest world.  

Now customers spend time on the internet to look for things they want to buy and match it by other available options. It has brought opportunities with ease in their lives.

New evolving trend of E-commerce

Tribune express has researched and told that the E-commerce industry will be taking a lot of revenue which is said to be 1 billion dollars till the year 2020 in Pakistan

This prediction was made 4 years ago in 2016 now no one knows or has an idea of how much more will this value exceed. These days the internet is the centre factor of peoples life. It has become a living necessity.

With these, the E-commerce industry is enjoying its peak time in the country of Pakistan. One of the critical use of the internet these days in online shopping. People now sit at home and get whatever they want.

Contrast to this, in the very beginning, and this niche has assumed overall control over the traditional way of shopping. Now methods have changed. Now you can also keep a check and balance on the rise and fall of your favourite product in the market. Here are a few products you can buy in Pakistan on the online stores.

Mobile phones

You can find any brand of mobile phone and any model, whether old or new on the shopping websites. You get the warranty cards along with it too, and they have return policies in case of any ambiguity.


Best laptops with affordable ranges and best specifications are all that you can find by shopping online in Pakistan. You can also order the product you want from other countries now and get it delivered in front of your door. Isn’t it amazing!

DSLR cameras

Now capture those life-size photographs and transform your moments into reality forever with best DSLR cameras and lenses that too in affordable ranges and prices in Pakistan

E-commerce allows you do buy the product by sitting in your home and more than that, and you can know the reviews of product and price while sitting in your comfort zone and without any human interaction.


The best refrigerator brands are now known just because of the information related to them on online sites. You can see the colours and sizes with prices online and decide what you want.

Led monitors

If you wonder where to buy the Led TV, you always wanted to buy and not sure about what size to buy and what will be the price then don’t worry. The online store is a solution to your problem. 

Microwave ovens

You can buy any microwave oven of any brand online without any worry.

Washing machines

Tired of your old faulty washing machine? Don’t worry here is multiple options for you with just the perfect colours and designs and the ideal rage as well.

Other than these products accessories, bags, books, novels, cars etc. can be bought online at a reasonable price.

Guess why online shopping is trendier? 

As we see that the changing trend of shopping has taken place now. Not only this, but it has increased the transaction of money and products as well.

Now people don’t visit shops physically. Other than this, they don’t prefer exploring the products or either to argue with the shopkeepers to negotiate the price. People started doing online shopping a lot and the trend till the date is at the peak.   

There are thousands of online stores which offer products that customers need, and the following are the reasons for the increasing trend of online shopping. It has completely changed the business strategies. 

An online business can be started easily

The ease of starting a new business or store online has contributed a lot in the evolution of online shopping and E-commerce. Because the market can easily open, more products are sold and bought every day.

More products are now available to people, and they can shop with in the country and even out of the country while sitting in their homes. E-commerce has made the world a global village.

Low prices of products in Pakistan

Mostly stores which are opened online have low prices in Pakistan. They offer more discounts and sales. This is why people are more attracted to it. This is human psyche that he buys more when he sees low prices or discounts. 

Online stores use these strategies and exchange of goods and money is taking place more rapidly. In Pakistan, online stores earn a lot of money. 

Purchase is a click away

People often don’t go shopping because they don’t have free time or the energy to go out and search on foot for the stuff they want. This is why they often give up the idea of shopping. 

Contrary to those, online shopping offers much more facilities, and you can buy anything you want just by a click. Isn’t that amazing! This evokes the customers to buy more. 

People are earning through online stores

Online stores are replacing the old retailer shops. Now every brand has made a website to sell its products online. This is the need of time. Other than brands, many online stores running in Pakistan earn a lot as they don’t have to invest much to start a business. 

People start their businesses online and earn a lot of profit. It has changed the mindset of people. People now, along with buying, prefer making from home as well. There are many online stores as OLX, Daraz, Ali express, Shoppingum etc. these all stores earn a lot daily.

Heard about killing two birds with one stone?

 The evolution of E-commerce is beneficial for both customers and buyers. The market is booming, and everyone is getting what they need. Most of all, they get what they desire for without even stepping out of their homes.  

Perks sellers enjoy

The seller in Pakistan despite the low prices have a reasonable profit margin and do not have to do a full-time job or have to hire people to sell what they offer. It makes their job easy. They spend less and earn more. 

There is something for the customers too

The customers don’t have to go out of their homes and argue with the shopkeepers to buy the things they need. They get EVERYTHING just by a click. It is easy for them to pay as well because online shopping payments can be made via credit/debit card, Easypaisa, jazz paisa or either cash when product is delivered.

The price goes down, and the number of products available goes up in Pakistan 

In online shopping, you have a lot of options to buy products. With the ease of purchasing ease of selling has increased as well and more products are available too. Different people make different DIY products and utilize their skill and sell them online. 

Other than that you can find the products online which are not available in Pakistan too. The price of these products in Pakistan is also reasonable. 

Go online, shop!

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