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Dubai, the best city for tours and to spend vacations, you would know something already about it, right? The question comes in many people’s minds that why Dubai is more expensive for education?

It is the best city to live in but many people face difficulties getting their children the best education there especially Pakistani families. This article tells you about getting an education is more expensive than living and eating.

It is observed that Pakistani families usually get difficulties at the school level. People should do some research about the educational system to live in the UAE. With this study, the school educational administration will get the awareness of the difficulties faces by Pakistani families.

They can improve the action of their school by approaching the problems and challenges of Pakistanis living in UAE, paying attention to the education of their children studying at the Elementary level. The aim of Pakistani parents will let the school administration know about the more expected value of parents. It will be useful for international student managers, education contract makers and investors in the UAE and Pakistan. Though this study, the investors can get content about the educational problems and challenges of abroad Pakistanis, so they can do investment in the UAE to make a good school for Pakistanis in the UAE.

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