Car modification has become so common around the world. People are experimenting with their vehicles to make them look more appealing and upgraded. Modified cars have become a part of the popular culture as it allows you to change your car the way you want. If you are inspired by this car modification, you must be thinking to try it too. However, altering your car out of its originality is a complex task. Specific rules and regulations apply because the law is involved. As a beginner, you need to get all the important information regarding the dos and don’ts of car modification.

What Is Car Modification?

Car modification is the process of altering or changing anything in your car that boosts its value and performance. People who want to personalize their cars for aesthetic purposes choose modification. The most common legal modifications that are upgraded brakes, wheels, lights, and in-car entertainment. There are other types of modifications that are illegal or partially legal depending on where you live.

The Do’s Of Modification

Following are things to do when you are up for car modification.

Do Get All The Information

Getting all the information about the procedure is very important. First, you need to know about how modification works. There are a lot of changes you can make to your car including its appearance, parts, and engine rebuild. Your car performance will depend on the parts that you are upgrading to. Make sure you are well informed about the legal modifications as well. Legal modifications are the changes that are allowed by the government and law. Following modifications are legal in the UK:

  • Brake replacement
  • Specialized paint or artwork
  • Back seat upgrade
  • Dashboard alteration
  • Number plate change
  • Air filter upgrade
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Turbocharger installation
  • Body kit changes
  • Cage upgrade
  • Wheels and tyres

Know that modification needs time and money. So, if you do not have enough budget, it is better to avoid expensive alterations. If you want to upgrade your truck, the rules may differ. Keep yourself updated on that as well.

Do Get The Modification Insurance

Your car modification determines how your car insurance will be affected. So, when you are planning for a modification, make sure your insurance company knows about it. Your car insurance claims depend on two levels; risk of accident and theft. If you modify your car in a way that it becomes more attractive, there will be a higher risk of theft. Consequently, you will have to pay more insurance premium. On the other hand, if your car mods boost the performance and make it safe on the road, you can expect a reduction in the premium.

Do Upgrade the Brakes

Upgrading car brakes is important as it enhances your safety on the roads. Brake fails or brake jams are the main reasons why many accidents take place. Your brakes should be smooth and sharp so that they will work instantly in need.

The Don’ts Of Modification

Now that you know what to do for modifying your car, you must be aware of the don’ts of car modifications.

Don’t Try It Yourself

Accept the fact that you can never do it better than a professional. Do not try to modify your car by yourself if you want things to work well. Even if you have mechanical skills, you cannot put yours and others’ lives at risk. If you change your brakes and they do not fit well, it will become dangerous. Do not bring upon a huge loss just to save some money. Mechanics know their work just like you know yours. So, trust them when you going for car modification.

Don’t Tint Your Windows

As much as you would like to tint your windows dark, you must know that it is illegal. You can tint your windows to an extent that at least 70% of light passes through the windows and front glass. The government of UK has termed dark tinted windows illegal because it obstructs the vision of the driver. Many accidents occur because the windows are tinted too dark. If you want to stay safe on the road without having to pay a heavy fine, do not tint the windows too dark to see through.

Don’t Remove The DPF

Repairing, replacing, and maintaining diesel particulate filters is expensive. This is why people often remove them. Replacing a DPF will cost you around £2,000. However, removing DPF completely is not legal. Vehicles without DPF filters are not allowed on the roads because of environmental concerns. DPF filters absorb and release the fumes after filtering them. Without these filters, toxic fumes and smoke gets mixed in the air. Because such a car will be harmful to others, your insurance premium will automatically increase higher.

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