Do You Know Your Sun And Moon Signs?


Image 1- Do you know your Sun and Moon signs?

Do you know your Sun sign and Moon sign? Most people are confused between these two. Astrologers need both of these signs to predict your future. Based on these signs, they foresee various life aspects.

Nowadays people use Online Janam Kundali making software to get accurate Janam kundali. Along with the birth charts, they get information of Astro events and details of Sun and Moon signs.

But why should we know these signs? What importance does it carry in our life? Is there any difference between them? Let’s understand everything about these signs in detail.

Vedic Astrology And Birth Charts

Before knowing anything about Moon and Sun signs, let’s begin with the Astrology -the future forecasting tool of our Indian culture. Astrology is the science of various celestial bodies. It marks the positions of planets and based on it,astrology predicts your life events.

Marking the proper places of different planets at the time of your birth is known as Birth Chart. Your birth chart is the fundamental need of any prediction. Online JanamKundali making software use exact time and date of your birth to develop your Kundali.

Various Signs In Birth Chart

Generally, we all have different signs in our chart. But the main three signs which can give a real overview of someone’s authentic self are-Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign. Each of them is equally important as each rule different parts of your personality.

Your birth chart carries other significant information as well, but understanding your Sun, Moon and Rising sign gives an overall idea about your life approach.

Meaning Of Sun Signs

Sun signs are clearly the most common and well-known part of our birth chart. Many people only know their Sun signs. Astrologers also develop birth charts based on the Sun signs only. Because it is effortless to calculate your Sun sign. All you need is just your birth date and month.

At the moment of your birth, the situation of the earth, concerning the sun indicates your sun sign. This is your first astrological footprint. Sun sign calculator can quickly tell you your Sun Sign.

While considering your sun sign, keep in mind that it is a vital part of your character. Just like the sun reveals itself with booming energy, the personality characteristics we show people the most– are those bestowed through our sun signs.

Meaning of Moon Signs

As the Moon governs nighttime and all that sneaks there in the sky, so is your moon sign! It associates to the individual, sensitive parts of your personality. To calculate your moon sign, you need a full birth date, year, and exact time/time zone. But it can be easy and accurate with the Moon Sign Calculator.

The Moon sign is defined by the placement of the Moon at the time of your birth. Your Moon signs reveal your unconscious world. It portrays your imagination, fear and sensitive areas. Let’s know the importance of these signs. 

Image 2- Importance and Significance of Sun Sign and Moon Sign

What Is The Importance Of The Sun Sign?

Your Sun sign is your core -true identity. It is your sense of self.
Sun sign is who you are, your energies and your internal radiance
It displays what is essential to your life and your integrity
Your sun sign represents your fundamental nature and the personality traits that remain constant throughout life.
The sun sign reveals how your ego will show up in various experiences. It defines your ego. 

What Is The Importance Of The Moon Sign?

The Moon Sign is used to calculate or understand the Rashifal (Rashiphal) for an individual.
It shows the behaviour of an individual 
Your Moon sign defines your emotional growth and shows your unconscious side 
It processes childhood memories, emotional dilemmas, relationship sentiments etc
It also describes your hate, anger, jealousy and fear
It governs various body part such as -heart, bladder, brain and stomach

Concluding Notes

 If your Sun sign and Moon Sign complement each other, then an individual slides effortlessly through tough times of life. On the contrast, when both are incompatible, a person will find it challenging to cope with difficult circumstances.

With the help of Sun, and Moon, you get the overall idea of a person’s inner and outer world. Both are significant to achieve life goals. One rules our vitality, and the other supports our sentiments.

Get your Sun and Moon Sign calculator online to know your Sun and Moon signs. These signs, along with the rising sign, can give you a complete picture of your core, actions, thought pattern, and behavioural traits.

What are your Sun and Moon signs? Comment down below. Also, know your rising sign to sail smoothly towards your future. Sun sign calculator and Moon sign calculator are effective tools to know yourself better.usethese Astro blessings wisely!


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