We should take proper care of our body. We should eat right, sleep well and take care of our skin, which is the largest organ of the body. Moreover, it needs our attention and care to keep shining and glowing. People who have oily skin are prone to breakouts, blackheads and dark spots. It is normal to have some better skin days, while some bad.

You have to devote more time and effort to take care of your skin if you have an oily one. For a healthy skincare routine, you should try to keep it as simple as you can. In this article, we are going to discuss ten things that you should not do to oily skin. These tips are however not a solution to medical problems of oily skin. You should consult dermatologist in Karachi or the one who is available in your area if you are looking to cure medical problems of your skin.

  1. Do not overwash/ scrub your face

People with oily skin tend to wash their face more than two times a day to remove oil and dirt. As a response, their body produces more oil in return, eventually leading to more oily skin. If you have oily skin, you should wash your face twice a day, with lukewarm water to keep it healthy and glowing. Do not wash it more than that.

  1. Avoiding moisturizer in a skincare routine

It is common that people who have oily skin do not apply moisturizer as they think it will make their skin more oily. But this perception is wrong. You should keep an oil-free moisturizer on hand and wear it to hydrate your skin properly.

  1. Choosing the wrong cleanser for your skin

Do not use cleansers that overdry your skin. Use the one which keeps your skin healthy, glowing and suits you the best. Cleansers compatibility varies according to people and their skin types. One cleanser can be beneficial for someone but can be harmful to others. So choose your skin cleanser wisely.

  1. Sleeping without washing your face

If there is something worse you can do to your skin, it would be sleeping without washing your face. Oil on your skin would clog your pores, and if makeup is also not removed, breakouts and acne will appear on your face. Your skin needs to breathe while you sleep, which it cannot do if you do not wash your face.

  1. Not applying sunblock before going out

Many people do not apply sunblock as they think it would turn their skin more oily. But you should definitely wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. You can opt an oil-free or oil-controlling sunscreen if your skin is oily.

  1. Not adapting with seasons

Oil secretion is increased in summers, while in winters, your skin would become dry and flaky. It is essential to alter your skincare routine according to season. You should not follow the same skincare routine throughout the year like you can add a moisturizer in winter while increasing face washing in summers. Try to practice a flexible skincare routine that varies according to changing seasons.

  1. Using the wrong foundation on your face

If you are the one who definitely needs a foundation while wearing makeup, then you should select the right foundation for your skin. Since foundations have an oily base and let your skin to secrete more oil, therefore they can cause a lot of increase in oil production. Try using foundations which have a label like shine prevention, non-comedogenic and matte complexion.

  1. Not using oil blotters

Oil blotters are small pieces of paper that absorb dirt and oil from your face, without removing the makeup. It helps in removing extra shine that occurs due to excessive oil production throughout the day. Always keep an oil blotter with you to protect your skin from T zone shine.

  1. Improper diet intake

Never ever eat a diet that is rich in fats and sugars because it can cause inflammation, that in turn leads to oily skin. Also, abstain from foods and drinks rich in sodium if you have oily skin. Dairy products, fried foods, canned foods, salty foods and soft drinks provoke oil secretion, hence leading to acne. To keep your skin healthy, you should eat foods like egg, chicken, almonds, oatmeal and cucumber. Also, try having a diet rich in fruits that contain vitamin C like oranges and kiwis.

  1. High levels of stress

When you are under stress, your body produces a hormone called cortisol, that in turn increases the oil secretion. Therefore, stress causes increased oil secretion, hence leading to acne and breakouts. For getting clear skin, it is imperative to take a good night sleep with no stress.


Everyone wants clear, bright skin, but to get one, you have to practice a proper skincare routine. Furthermore, practice a flexible skincare routine that varies from season to season. Follow a healthy diet plan that helps in reducing oil secretion. Also, do not forget to workout to get a clean and bright skin since it helps you to get rid of stress, eventually leading to reduced oil secretion.

Always, always remove makeup before going to bed. Your skin regrows and breathes while you sleep. If you would wear makeup while sleeping, your skin cannot breathe and regrow. Sleeping with makeup on will eventually damage your skin by the time.

If your problems persist even after following all the tips given in this article, you should consult with a dermatologist nearby before experimenting more on your skin.

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