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The desert safari adventure in Sharjah has becoming popular as Sharjah is completely safe and contains many tourist spot to be visited by tourists. Due to increased popularity, I and my family decided to go for desert safari adventure. I trusted a reliable tourism authority to enjoy electrifying and exciting activities. You feel relax and clam from monotonous life routine. Being an adventure seeker, desert safari tour is wholly a blend of revitalizing activities with hair rising adventures.

The Sharjah desert safari started from picking up us from Sharjah City Centre in air conditioned coach. I was very satisfied due to pick and drop facilities because we did not know about routes here. On arriving at desert, the magical moment of wide landscape of deserts attracted me to lose in it completely. The sparkling sunlight was shining brightly on golden sand dunes. The birds were flying in air and the whole scenario was looking like a fairytale. Moreover, Sharjah city tour deals have superior sightseeing spots to be visited by tourists.

The soul stirring dune bashing session lifted energy level up to sky:

We started our adventure from 45 minutes sand dune bashing session in 4×4 cars. It felt like a roller coaster ride as the high jumps on sand dunes gladden us. Moreover, the turns and cuts around the edges of sharp sand dunes raised adrenaline level.

ATV quad biking raises your spirit:

I took two seater quad bike to enjoy exhilarating ride with my daughter. This ride on alternating crusts and troughs blew away all strain from my brain and energized our bodies.

Sand boarding intensified excitement and adventure by sliding down through hills:

My son took a sand board and strapped his feet to start sand boarding. He was enthusiastic enough so he decided to do sand boarding while lying on sand board. He did this activity like that because he was inspired by a video through Wikipedia.

Camel ride provides bird’s eye view of preternatural landscape of desert:

We were taken to campsite by camel ride during Sharjah desert safari tour. The dramatic view of desert while sitting on camel was looking charming. It was dawn time and the view of sunset behind sand dunes filled sky with golden orange color. My children loved to take beautiful photographs with Arabian Eagle sitting on arm. I made short videos and photographs of all adventures in deserts and posted it on social media. All my friends admired them a lot.

Exotic BBQ dinner was tasty and mouth watering:

The delicious BBQ dinner was juicy, spicy, savory and appetizing that we could not stop our hands from eating it. Likewise, to have exotic Arabic sheesha pipe was a pleasant experience.

Entertainment activities were mitigating and surprising:

We were amazed by looking at ethereal performances of dancers during Bellay dance and Tanura dance. My children inspired by tricks performed by skillful performers during Fire show and Stickman show. Moreover, my wife and daughter got lovely brown colored henna painting tattoos on their hands and feet.  Besides this, Sharjah city tour dealsinclude numerous attractive tourists’ points in affordable rates.

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